Delivering last-mile experience is the key to customer satisfaction - Himanshu Gandhi of Mother Sparsh

As a leading baby care startup, Mother Sparsh is now working towards expanding in different segments. With faster deliveries and a focus on enhancing customer experience, Mother Sparsh has been able to achieve remarkable growth.

Delivering last-mile experience is the key to customer satisfaction - Himanshu Gandhi of Mother Sparsh

Wednesday October 12, 2022,

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When Rishu Gandhi was working in Infosys, a colleague complained about the polyester wipes that resulted in rashes on her child’s skin. This led her to research the baby products market. Sensing a huge gap in the baby care segment, Rishu and her husband Himanshu Gandhi started Mother Sparsh in 2016. “Today, more parents are looking for high-quality natural baby care products and with Mother Sparsh, we aim to fulfil these requirements,” says Rishu.

The Chandigarh-based startup focuses on nature-based products working towards various needs of children aged 0 - 14 years. One of its first products was 99 percent water-based baby wipes. “Our products are skin-friendly and Ayurvedic in nature, crafted to protect a baby’s sensitive skin from redness, rashes, rashes, boils, allergies, dryness, and various other problems,” shares Rishu.

The products are made through plant-based fabric as good as cotton and water. Some of the other unique products include ‘Tummy Roll’ for relief from troubles like colic, indigestion and constipation in babies, ‘After bite turmeric balm’, and ‘Stretch mark toning butter and oils’.

As a leading D2C startup, scaling rapidly, Mother Sparsh founders know that their job does not end with selling the product but making sure the customer remains satisfied throughout the purchase journey.

Customer experience is the key

To remain relevant in today’s marketplace, it is important for brands to work on optimising the end-to-end user journey. A recent study conducted by KPMG states that D2C brands performing exceptionally well have customers at the heart of their strategy.

According to the report, Superior CX can help businesses enhance their valuation by 125–400 percent. Also, 52 percent of a consumer's purchase decision is dependent on the experience the customer expects from the brand as opposed to the reputation of the brand.

Himanshu believes that delivering the last-mile consumer experience is important and Mother Sparsh has been able to achieve that seamlessly with Pickrr as a partner.

Pickrr is one of the best tech logistical partners a brand can find. The team at Pickrr is extremely proactive in terms of providing end-to-end support. The onboarding process was pretty smooth and simple as the account was activated within a couple of hours,” adds Himanshu.

Apart from the smooth onboarding process, one of the key highlights of working with Pickrr for Mother Sparsh is the post-delivery experience. The team at Pickrr ensures that COD remittance is always on time and in case of any delay the brand is notified.

Himanshu also speaks about the Pickrr all-in-one dashboard. “It is user friendly and adaptive and is available with value-added features. The MIS report that is fetched from the dashboard allows us to extract all the required information in terms of logistics. The platform also provides the data of courier partners that are performing well in terms of deliveries according to the area/location.”

“We have been able to deliver the best post-purchase experience to our customers with Pickrr as a partner. From comprehensive visibility of the order journey status to offering estimated delivery dates, Pickrr does it all. Aligning the best delivery partners for last-mile delivery has skyrocketed our customer's satisfaction and prompted them to make repeated purchases with us,” he adds.

Ambitious target of Rs 100 crore annual sales by 2023

Mother Sparsh recently raised funding in its series A round by FMCG giant ITC. The company aims to deploy funds towards the enhancement of its research and development initiatives, digital capabilities, and driving new product launches.

Himanshu believes that ITC’s investment will boost its fortunes in the coming years. Apart from investing the money into new product development and innovations, it will also help in expanding the brand's presence across the country’s smaller towns.

“The company is already set to grow its top-line by 167 percent in FY2022 to Rs 40 crore. He is now looking to touch the Rs 100 crore mark by the end of the next financial year,” says Himanshu.

Business expansion plans

Although started as a baby care brand, Mother Sparsh now plans to extend into women's care as well as other beauty products. “As we expand our business, we plan to keep leveraging Pickrr services and its various VAS to help us with 24-48 hour delivery services,'' concludes Himanshu.

Gaurav Mangla, CEO and Co-founder, Pickrr says, “We aim to help brands unlock 3X faster deliveries to customers pan-India. Our focus remains on enhancing the post-purchase customer experience which will help brands retain their existing customers. With a mission to provide best end-to-end shipping solutions, we have launched features like Fastrr which is a one click checkout solution, VAS products of Pickrr include Pickrr Advantage, Pickrr Connect, Pickrr Predict. These are revolutionary products and help brands achieve the next level of business growth. We are happy to partner with Mother Sparsh and will continue to be a part of their journey as they work towards achieving their dream of touching the Rs 100 crore mark.”