‘A good venture capitalist can ensure exponential growth in your networks’ – 15 quotes on entrepreneurs and leaders

From networking to net worth, witness the memorable journey of entrepreneurs and leaders in these quotes, excerpts and stories!

‘A good venture capitalist can ensure exponential growth in your networks’ – 15 quotes on entrepreneurs and leaders

Tuesday October 11, 2022,

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Increasing female representation in senior leadership is only possible by sustaining and maintaining the middle management years and empowering women by giving right opportunities and responsibilities. - Vijayashree Natarajan, Omega Healthcare

[Working from home] levelled the playing field and opened many doors for women, who were earlier ignored or relegated to household duties. - Neha Shah, QWEEN

Even if a woman travels by public transport or on polluted roads, her makeup should stay. - Vineeta Singh, SUGAR Cosmetics

We have miles to go towards a gender-equal future. - Neha Shah, QWEEN

We need to see the queer community not just as recipients of healthcare but also as providers—as doctors, nurses, caretakers, and also as teachers, researchers, and students in the medical educational space. - Aqsa Shaikh, Human Solidarity Foundation


Blind children's learning is not limited by their disabilities but by the conditions of their education and the often outdated forms of engagement with Braille. - Sanskriti Dawle, Thinkerbell Labs

Obesity is no longer a wealthier nations’ issue. Most developing and underdeveloped countries are steadily becoming exposed to risk, and there is a direct correlation between age, income groups, and lifestyles. - Vikas Singhal, Medanta- Medicity Hospital

There’s a lot of news and awareness about milk, but there is absolutely no information about eggs in the market. No one talks about antibiotic-free eggs or hormone-free eggs. - Namita Satija, Bettr Eggs

There is new pragmatism [in GCC countries] towards global economy, tourism and business. - Falguni Nayar, Nykaa

The listening-to-speaking ratio in sales has to be 60:40, and as a salesperson, you have to listen to the customer requirements. - Chitra Singh, Sales Womentoring

The sooner we start the practice of giving, the greater the impact we will be able to create—which is why young people must get involved with the community. - Siddharth Ladsariya, Young Volunteers Organisation


Raising too little, raising too much, raising ahead of product market fit are all challenging. - Dipanjan Basu, Fireside Ventures

The interesting piece of this asset class at the early or angel stage is actually downturn agnostic. It is completely insulated and we never see a slowdown. - Nandini Mansinghka, Mumbai Angels

Onboarding equity investors help MSMEs to have the freedom to spend money on necessary business operations without the fear of short-term paybacks, leading to a sustainable partnership and overall business growth. - Shrikant Goyal, GetFive

A good venture capitalist can ensure exponential growth in your networks and find you relevant connections for any business needs. It opens access to an entire ecosystem, often difficult to reach for bootstrapped founders. - Abhishek Goenka, RPSG Capital Ventures

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