How automation on cloud can help accelerate business outcomes

Hear from industry leaders on how organisations are optimising from cloud automation.

How automation on cloud can help accelerate business outcomes

Thursday November 03, 2022,

2 min Read

Cloud automation is the use of tools and processes to reduce or minimise manual intervention associated with configuring and managing public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

Automation tools help optimal performance from the cloud ecosystem and streamlines activities related to cloud computing. It can improve efficiency by reducing the need for IT teams to manage repetitive tasks or make decisions about capacity or performance in real-time. Utilising automation to run workloads in a cloud environment over an on-premises set up can maximise budget and resources for organisations.

As enterprises, startups and mid-sized companies move to public cloud ecosystems, to bypass years of legacy technology processes and incorporate digital innovation, cloud automation has rapidly become a cornerstone for the success of setting up optimal cloud workflows.

Yet, the building of sophisticated cloud automation and the overall management of these systems across separate teams and functions is something often found lacking.

It is important to understand that cloud automation needs to become a central component of overall cloud strategy today. Understanding what can be automated in the cloud, which tools can help achieve automation and optimisation, leveraging cloud effectively at scale are imperative for organisations and industries, so that they can gain maximum ROI from their cloud expenditures.

The roundtable ‘Automation on Cloud for workflow optimisation’ will feature startups across industries to discuss how automation on cloud can help accelerate business outcomes, the need for automation for digital transformation, handling scalability and complexity of cloud environments through automated workflows, accelerating competitive advantage and optimisation of resources that are today helping organisations gain maximum ROIs from their cloud expenditures.

Hosted by YourStory and Google, the roundtable aims to bring stakeholders from across segments on a common platform to discuss technology opportunities and share best practices in automation that can help organisations to optimise resources and gain competitive advantage in future.

Amit Dixit, CTO at ZoloStays; Anilkumar Varma, CTO at MCXCCL; Manjunath Athrey, Head of Engineering, Yulu, Rashmi Tambe, Modernisation and Cloud Strategy Lead, Thoughtworks; Dinesh Varadharajan, Chief Product Officer, Kissflow; and Akshay Kapoor, Customer Engineer, Google Cloud will be the speakers for the discussion.

To all stakeholders, founders, experts, this is your chance to be part of the discussion with your questions and insights to understand how cloud automation can help workflow optimisation.