Wix appoints India head, plans to accelerate business in the country

Israel-based company Wix is upbeat about its prospects in India, which accounts for about 6.5% of the company’s global user base.

Wix appoints India head, plans to accelerate business in the country

Monday December 19, 2022,

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Israel-based software company Wix has appointed Vargab Bakshi as India’s country head in a bid to capture a bigger market share in the country.

“What Wix decided a couple of years back was to start getting a little more serious about its priority markets. So, we are now pushing the pedal to grow in India as a market for Wix,” said Vargab, who joined the Israeli software company as Vice President and Country Head in India.

With 15 million websites using Wix in India, the company remained upbeat about its prospects in the country, which accounts for about 6.5% of its global user base. It is currently present in 150 countries.

“We also understand that India is a very value-conscious market, and Wix has a very competitive pricing in India,” he added. The company is working on customising its product-market fit for Indian users.

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“When I joined a couple of months ago, one of the biggest feedback had come from the ecommerce users on our platform who wanted better shipping integrations. One of the first things we did was integrate with the largest shipping aggregators for ecommerce in India,” added Vargab.

Wix has tied up with Shiprocket and Pickrr—two major ecommerce logistics and shipping software companies in India. Earlier this year, the company announced a new integration with Amazon’s multi-channel fulfilment that would enable the former’s businesses to fulfil their ecommerce orders.

Besides organic and digital marketing routes, the company is also partnering with agencies and developers to offer them its platform to create, run, and manage their clients’ businesses.

“India is a DIFM (do-it-for-me) country. There's a culture where people outsource little things to people who are better at their jobs and save time to do more important things,” said Vargab. “We see a similar culture in the web development space as well. I think that creates a great ecosystem where entrepreneurs help entrepreneurs. That's a big moat to our business.”

Wix posted revenue of nearly $1.3 billion in 2021—a growth of 29% on an annual basis. Since the company is listed on the NASDAQ, Vargab said it would not be able to share country-specific numbers.

Edited by Suman Singh