Former Deloitte Global CEO Punit Renjen set to become chairman of SAP

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Former Deloitte Global CEO Punit Renjen set to become chairman of SAP

Thursday February 23, 2023,

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SAP proposes Punit Renjen as its new chairman

SAP, the Germany-headquartered global enterprise software company, has proposed former CEO of Deloitte Global, Punit Renjen, as its next chairman to succeed Founder and Chairman Hasso Plattner.

The Supervisory Board of SAP SE has nominated Renjen, an Indian-American citizen, to stand for election as the new member of the Supervisory Board and the designated successor to Plattner, whose term expires in May 2024.

SAP, in a statement, said, "Upon election to the SAP Supervisory Board, the handover process by Hasso Plattner to Punit Renjen would begin."

Renjen served as the global CEO of Deloitte Global from 2015 until December 2022. The elevation of Renjen as the chairman of SAP is another illustrious example of Indians taking over top roles at global MNCs.

SAP added, “With an impeccable track record, Punit Renjen is highly qualified to join the Supervisory Board, and would be an excellent candidate to eventually take the chair at a time when SAP is undergoing the most fundamental strategic transformation in its 50-year history.”

Infosys, Microsoft partner for cloud technologies

Infosys will expand its collaboration with Microsoft to help accelerate enterprise cloud transformation journeys worldwide.

According to the Infosys Cloud Radar, enterprises can add up to $414 billion in net new profits annually through effective cloud adoption. The report also calculated that adopting cloud improved speed to market and the ability to discover new revenue streams, resulting in increased profit growth by up to 11.2% YoY.

The extended strategic collaboration between Infosys and Microsoft will benefit enterprises by bringing them the Infosys Cobalt cloud offerings and Microsoft’s cloud computing technologies led by Azure across the business value chain.


The collaboration will entail the onboarding of Infosys Cobalt solutions to Microsoft’s industry clouds to empower enterprises to build agile cloud-powered platforms and innovate at scale. The joint capabilities across application modernisation, enterprise solutions, data analytics and AI, digital workplace solutions, low-code, no-code power platforms, and cybersecurity innovations will create a foundation for cloud-powered transformation.

Bharti Airtel builds AI solutions based on NVIDIA’s tech platform

Bharti Airtel has built an AI-based solution in collaboration with NVIDIA that will improve the overall customer experience for all inbound calls to its contact centre.

Airtel contact centre operations are among the busiest in the world, servicing 360 million+ customers and handling over 100 million calls annually. Delivering high-quality experiences to consumers remains the top priority. However, at this scale, manual solutions to audit the contact centre agents were a challenge.


Airtel runs an automated speech recognition algorithm on 84% of its calls coming into its contact centres, helping the company identify areas of improvement for agents when they interact with consumers, leading to better customer experience.

To develop this specialised speech application, Airtel leveraged the NVIDIANeMo conversational AI toolkit and NVIDIA Triton Inference Server, a multi-framework inference serving software supported in the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite.

NVIDIA’s advanced software and Airtel’s deep learning-based automatic speech recognition (ASR) models allow Airtel to accurately interpret language and make practical changes to its operations to serve agents and consumers better, delivering output at 30% of the typical computing cost. This technology also runs on a much lower carbon footprint, making it better for the environment through lower GreenHouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

L&T Technology Services bags order from Thales

Thales has selected L&T Technology Services Limited (LLTS) to offer 5G-driven connectivity solutions, including collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, allowing it to provide solutions for the benefit of urban railway operators.

The solution leverages LTTS’ chip-to-cloud expertise and its technology portfolio of connected IoT devices and 5G small cells based on Qualcomm Technologies to develop and deploy solutions for the global 5G private network industry, with digital offerings aimed at accelerating transformation across a range of industries, including railway networks, aerospace, and automotive.

LTTS’ end-to-end 5G capabilities enable global enterprises with faster deployment, cutting-edge applications, and well-rounded managed services. This, in turn, facilitates the creation of virtual private networks for 5G.

With the support of Qualcomm Technologies’ comprehensive 5G technologies that enables intelligent cloud edge convergence, LTTS has established a Centre of Excellence (CoE) for 5G in Santa Clara (California).

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