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Meet the entrepreneurs and leaders working to change status quo

With innovative ventures, entrepreneurs are catalysts for development and change. Meet the founders introducing new solutions, creating job opportunities, and imbuing vitality into local economies.

Meet the entrepreneurs and leaders working to change status quo

Saturday May 25, 2024 , 6 min Read

In the ever evolving landscape of business world, a few visionary leaders are focusing on innovation to progress and reshape several sectors in 2024. From pioneering entrepreneurs to seasoned executives, each of these leaders brings creativity, resilience, and strategic insight to their respective fields.

1. Aravind Arasavilli, Chairman, Exxeella Education Group, LLC

Aravind Arasavilli moved back to India in 2011 after completing his MBA from the United States and started Exxeella Education Group. The career guidance firm offers personalised support at every step, from expert guidance in shortlisting institutes to comprehensive IELTS preparation and seamless visa assistance. Exxeella is one-stop destination for all international education and career aspirations, and offers assistance through the entire process.

2. Prateek N Kumar, Founder and CEO, NeoNiche

Industry-leading marketing agency NeoNiche redefines brand engagement through creativity, storytelling, and technology. With creativity and market insight, it transforms brand presence and creates connections that endure. Founder and CEO Prateek N Kumar, says, “We believe in creating immersive experiences beyond traditional marketing, capturing hearts and minds.” NeoNiche's commitment to excellence solidifies its status as a trusted partner for global brands.

3. Gaurav Aggarwal, Founder, Savaari Car Rentals

Gaurav Aggarwal, a Georgia Tech graduate, founded Savaari Car Rentals in 2006 with Rs 55,000 to provide reliable car rentals with a focus on safety and comfort. Seventeen years later, it is India's leading car rental service, operating in over 2,000 cities and covering 500 million km. Valued at Rs 150 crores, Savaari has supported over a million road trips with its 25,000 partners. Savaari’s advanced technology simplifies bookings, making travel accessible even in remote areas, enhancing road travel standards, and ensuring convenience and accessibility for millions across India.

4. Nitin Jain, CEO, India PR Distribution

India PR Distribution, the nation's premier press release agency, pioneers innovative and cost-effective PR solutions. Renowned for introducing industry-standard packages, CEO Nitin Jain says, “As one of the first PR agencies to offer organic Digital PR at economical prices, we lead the way in harnessing communication and technology." Since 2018, IPD has garnered acclaim for its strategic approach, leveraging technology alongside traditional PR models. With a diverse team, its innovative strategies empower clients, ensuring maximum reach and impact.

5. Gaurav Garg, Founder, BoboGears

Gaurav Garg is driven by a passion for innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. Leveraging the power of ecommerce, he embarked on a mission in 2018 to disrupt the bike accessories market in India. Since then, BoboGears has emerged as a pioneer bike mounts brand in online as well as offline channels, wit 300+ dealers across India. Garg aims to scale his bootstrapped, profitable venture (with monthly revenue exceeding Rs 1 crore) into a Rs 500 crore brand within the next five years, leveraging strategic investments and expanding product categories.

6. Sunil Pandita, Head of Business for India and South Asia, Newgen Software

Sunil Pandita, Head of Business for India and South Asia at Newgen Software, orchestrates the transformation of sales and marketing paradigms. Spearheading a multimillion-dollar software products and services business, Pandita drives growth in competitive markets. Drawing from 25 years of industry expertise, his leadership prowess is underscored by his ability to pioneer high-growth initiatives. “We're rewriting the rules of engagement by embracing cutting-edge technologies like Gen AI, fuelling unparalleled growth,” he says.

7. Yash Fatnani, Founder and CEO, MedeaCup

As Founder and CEO of marketing company MedeaCup, Yash Fatnani aims to integrate cutting-edge technologies like ROAM into transformative business strategies. He is positioning MedeaCup as a pioneer by tapping virtual tech. What sets MedeaCup apart is its service journey, which starts with personalisation, customer understanding, and measurement of product impact. Notable brands such as FabIndia, Godrej Interio, D Y Patil University, and the Narsi Group have benefited from MedeaCup's unique blend of personalised strategies and tech-driven solutions.

8. Nayan Verma, Founder, Training Basket

Nayan Verma spearheads edtech innovation at Training Basket, which offers digital tech skills training in data science, cloud computing, networking, full stack Java development, digital marketing, and more. It connects talented individuals with rewarding tech career opportunities. Its flagship products include the CodeTest interview preparation platform and the TeachPupil learning management system. Verma’s commitment to innovation drives Training Basket's mission to bridge the gap between recruiters and skilled students, facilitating credible job placements.

9. Raju Vanapala, CEO, Way2News

Raju Vanapala, CEO of Way2News, has revolutionised India's digital news landscape, leading in vernacular language news delivery. As a first-gen entrepreneur, his journey from Way2Online in 2004 to Way2News in 2015 reflects innovation in tech and communication. With 40 million-plus downloads and 10 million monthly visitors, Way2News offers real-time, unbiased hyperlocal news in eight languages. It uses AI to democratise news. A focus on local news drove a 24% revenue increase in FY24. Way2News has surpassed many print and online publications, redefining India's vernacular news landscape.

10. Tanay Sharma, Co-founder and COO, CITTA

Pune-based premium bath and skincare brand CITTA is led by Tanay Sharma, who has a passion for pioneering ideas and innovative solutions. A ‘global citizen’, Sharma draws inspiration from diverse cultures and experiences. With a commitment to quality, he is spearheading CITTA towards revolutionising skincare for babies, kids, and adults alike. CITTA aims to combine care and 100% transparency, with gentle formulations and natural, certified ingredients. 

11. Manali Shrivastwa, Founder, N Square Consulting Inc

Manali Shrivastwa spearheads digital transformation in modern casual dining cafes with coworking spaces. N Square Cafes stand out amidst the food industry on account of its innovation and convenience. Shrivastwa is reshaping the F&B landscape, using data analytics to personalise menus and smart kitchen appliances for efficiency. N Square fosters innovation, offering not just meals but a platform for collaboration and creativity.

12. Laksh Gangwani, Founder, Digijanus

Laksh Gangwani founded Digijanus in 2021 to improve the outcomes of digital transformation projects in the financial industry. He built Digijanus on the idea of expanding the reach of path-breaking ideas and insights from industry leaders, innovators, and trailblazers to help the financial industry achieve more successful and faster digital transformations. Despite being a non-monetised passion project, Digijanus has a community of over 50,000 across social media.