After Fintech, is it the age of the TechFin, powered by VuNet?

Uncovering the Power of VuNet Systems: Revolutionizing Digital Transactions with AI & Big Data Analytics.

After Fintech, is it the age of the TechFin, powered by VuNet?

Monday March 13, 2023,

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A digital payment for our food. Another one for our delivery. Every hour, every minute, hundreds of thousands of such digital payment transactions are going on.

But as digital payments increase, what’s the cost of a possible failed transaction? For each one of us, that’s a big worry.

And that’s where the techfin platform of VuNet comes in.

VuNet Systems is an AI & Big Data analytics company that provides a reliable and high performance digital infrastructure to revolutionize digital transactions. Their vuSmartMaps platform offers a domain-centric business journey observability that aids enterprises in reducing downtime and in improving customer experience. Founded in 2014 by Ashwin Ramachandran, Bharat Joshi, and Jithesh Kaveetil, VuNet Systems has grown exponentially over the years, and is now monitoring 8+ billion transactions/month.

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The VuNet founders were inspired to create their platform after having more than 15+ years of experience and expertise in various R&D programs for developing and deploying enterprise grade networking solutions for a large telecommunication MNC, and designing the indigenous router for the Indian army. Their platform is a full stack Big Data and MLOps platform to monitor performance of business journeys and the performance of their multiple touchpoints including applications and infrastructure, helping enterprises to seamlessly transition from traditional monitoring to business outcome-based operations.

The key problem that the platform addresses is silo-ed operations, lost revenue and poor customer experience due to transaction failures, and complex distributed architectures leading to data smog instead of a unified data lake. vuSmartMaps provides an end-to-end, unified view of transactions across applications and infrastructure, connecting business, operations, and customer experience in a single pane of glass. It also offers a way to correlate large swathes of application, infrastructure data in the context of a customer journey, augments existing APM/NPMD tools for a unified, correlated, intelligent operational consumption of analytics and real impact on operational incidents on business and user experience, resulting in reduced mean time to detect, predict and resolve incidents. 

VuNet Systems has received numerous awards and recognition for their platform, including being listed by Gartner in the AIOps Market guide, listed by HFS as a Hot Vendor for an emerging differentiated solution, recognized as a leader by Softwarereviews, won the Prestigious ET-BFSI award and NASSCOM, AI Game Changer Award.

The company's revenue model is based on annual subscription based software licenses fees and implementation, professional services fees. The company is also focusing on adding verticals like Ecommerce, MFG etc.. to help them with unified visibility and AI-led insights on their digital workflows. 

As digital payments scale further, companies such as VuNet can help bring transparency to payments and help enterprises to achieve their digital transformation and operational efficiency goals.

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