Gender equality starts at home: Actor-investor Dia Mirza at TechSparks Mumbai

Actor-investor Dia Mirza and Myntra CEO Nandita Sinha discuss how they have overcome male-dominated workplaces and are now empowering women professionally.

Gender equality starts at home: Actor-investor Dia Mirza at TechSparks Mumbai

Thursday March 23, 2023,

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Gender equality must start at home by educating children about shunning traditional gender-based roles, according to Dia Mirza, actor, investor, and Goodwill Ambassador UNEP, UN Secretary General's Advocate For SDGs, Wildlife Trust of India.

Speaking at TechSparks Mumbai 2023, YourStory's flagship tech event held for the first time in Mumbai, the actor-investor said that when children are taught to respect women and encouraged to perform daily chores, they will grow up to be responsible humans.

"For instance, when I got married, under the supervision of a woman pandit (priest), it evoked curiosity, as well as an inspiration among others. And, yes, priestesses exist, even though it's rare," Mirza said.

Nandita Sinha, CEO of Flipkart-owned fashion company Myntra, added that women play a vital role in workplaces. They have come a long way in establishing themselves as formidable and successful entrepreneurs. Women need to support each other to keep the momentum.

"Each one of us is in the position of influence and must make the most of it. For instance, we have curated women-friendly policies at Myntra to support women at different stages of their personal and professional lives. Right from expectant mothers to women taking care of elderly parents, every responsibility is considered crucial," Sinha said.

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Today, 50% of Myntra's customers are women, while nearly 40% of the company's leadership team comprises women. The Flipkart-owned firm also empowers over 350 women-led businesses, growing 3X faster than other businesses, she added.

Mirza highlighted that her angel investments are focused on startups founded by women that make a measurable impact on the world.

"What really connects with me is honesty, integrity, and genuine care for people and the planet. The startup has to keep in mind that we are in the midst of a triple planetary crisis—climate change, pollution, and deforestation," she said.

Speaking about what drives them to do better, Mirza said her purpose is to inform, uplift, empower, and make a difference as an artist, producer, and investor. "Capitalism must have a conscience. It is our active choice on how we choose to make money and use our money," she added.

Sinha said that Myntra’s purpose is to democratise fashion and lifestyle through technology.

Edited by Suman Singh