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Merck IT Centre

Merck showcases how its IT, digital, and data functions drive innovation and business value

Merck India's ‘Open House for Techies’ aimed to excite potential talents with a sneak peek into technologies that power this vibrant company.

Merck showcases how its IT, digital, and data functions drive innovation and business value

Wednesday March 29, 2023,

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Leading science and technology company Merck recently opened its doors to all technology enthusiasts, providing a sneak peek into its IT, digital and data functions that drive technology innovation and business value for its electronics, healthcare, and life sciences sectors.

Held in Bengaluru, Open House for Techies showcased how IT professionals could work on transformational technologies like data science, IoT, artificial intelligence, automation, and next-generation digital workplace among other capabilities housed at Merck IT Centre (MITC).

The event hosted over 1,500 IT professionals, who attended presentations and interactive sessions led by technology experts.

Top MITC leadership, including Anuprita Bhattacharya, Head of Merck IT Centre, India; Shiv Kumar, Head HR, India; Swethnisha Panicker, Head of IT Application Technology; Manikandan Sankaranarayanan, Head of Custom Apps & New Technologies; Harsha Gurulingappa, Head of Text Analytics, Merck Data Office; and Ajay Rao, Head of Digital Workplace; spoke about the company’s values, culture and impact on society as well as the broad spectrum of cutting-edge technological capabilities that are an integral part of MITC .

Speaking about Merck’s global workforce of more than 60,000 employees, Bhattacharya said, We are a bold and vibrant science and technology company. Science is at the heart of everything we do, and this also reflects in our digital transformation initiatives.

She added that every employee at Merck is a curious mind dedicated to human progress.

Since its foundation in 1668, Merck has thrived on scientific exploration and responsible entrepreneurship. Over the last three centuries, it has fostered a work culture that encourages the power of questioning.

Kumar said one of the company’s high impact behaviours is to “disagree openly, decide and deliver”.

Merck’s open engagement culture is a top-down approach, where the leadership not only values disagreements but also sees them as opportunities to derive better outcomes. 

Technologies transforming the world

During the Open House, Ajay Rao gave an insight into the company’s infrastructure technology roadmap and touched upon digital workplace transformation to introduce user-driven PC onboarding, modernisation of meeting rooms, and citizen development platforms, all built with a clear focus on end-user experience.

The demands of today’s workforce are very different. We, at Merck, would like to be at the forefront of the changes in the digital workplace to enable the demands of future ways of working,Rao said. 

He further explained how investments in infrastructure are bringing business value through plant digitalisation, automation, and innovation for quicker infrastructure demand delivery.

Gurulingappa spoke about how Merck envisages its global data strategy, focusing on the data and analytics ecosystem, compliance, data culture, and digital innovation. He also highlighted examples of successful applications of advanced analytics within Merck, augmented by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing.

When it comes to Merck’s broad application landscape, Sankaranarayanan shared insights on leveraging technology to enhance the digital value chain, from marketing to sales, production to logistics, and how it positively impacts employees, customers, and patients.

He highlighted ongoing developments around the latest cutting-edge technologies that create a significant impact.

At Merck, each employee has the opportunity to reinvent themselves: experiment, upskill, work with something outside of their comfort zone, and find new ways to solve human problems,he said.

Driving greater impact with a focus on people

People are as important at Merck as scientific innovations. The company pays close attention to employee growth, training programmes, and a balanced work-life culture.

In its effort to nurture performers and future leaders, it has adopted a well-designed framework for employees to pursue their career aspirations. 

As part of its Expanding Horizons framework, one can choose from three career paths – Expert, Project Manager, and Manager.

We believe in leveraging our strong internal talent pipeline to adapt for growth. Our talent framework identifies high potential and helps address development areas through structured learning plans,Panicker said.

Many leadership positions at Merck have been filled by internal talent, which showcases the effectiveness of this strong talent pipeline.

The company also has gender-neutral policies in several areas. For e.g., the company’s child-care benefits - every employee irrespective of gender, marital status, socio-economic background, or sexual orientation is offered the same policy benefits. 

Leaders at Merck believe that diversity helps to lead differently by addressing current and future challenges in business, ultimately making a positive difference in people’s lives. 

According to Belen Garijo, CEO of Merck Group, “Diversity and inclusion are not just an add-on – they are at the very heart of our success. They contribute to our competitive advantage, and to our objectives in developing talent – and they enrich our purpose.”

No wonder then that Merck consistently features on lists such as global best workplaces, world’s top female-friendly companies, best employer for new graduates, and so on!