Volvo’s new campaign celebrates safety and freedom ‘For Life’

Swedish carmaker Volvo Cars aim to drive into a new era of safety with its ‘For Life’ campaign, which engages with the topic of safety from the angle of psychological and mental well-being.

Volvo’s new campaign celebrates safety and freedom ‘For Life’

Friday March 31, 2023,

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Founded upon the concept of safety in 1927, Volvo Cars is synonymous with human centricity.

The Swedish multinational, which has made safety the backbone of its company, in 2007 began work on a vision that no one should be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo car.

Now, it’s working to raise safety levels towards a new vision: no collisions at all.

The company is melding state-of-the-art hardware and software for its collision avoidance technology, in a bid to further increase the level of safety inside and around its cars.

Alongside, the carmaker has launched a new platform, For Life, to expand the definition of safety.

The platform, which follows the recent launch of the fully electric SUV Volvo EX90, aims to engage customers by igniting a conversation around one central thought: Could how you feel affect how you drive?

This also aims to shed light on Volvo’s ultimate goal- to reduce serious injuries or fatalities in new Volvo cars to zero.

Feeling safe, For Life

Created in partnership between Volvo Cars, AKQA, and Grey, the For Life platform expands focus beyond sensing and predicting accidents outside the vehicle to the state of the driver, engaging with the topic of safety from the angle of psychological and mental safety.

For Life showcases a collection of real-life stories and everyday moments. The global campaign includes an emotive film that explores the poignant stories of Swedish pop star Seinabo Sey, professional skateboarder Sky Brown, and paralympian Lui Cuiqing.

Andreas Malm, Creative Director, Volvo Cars, says, the human truth is that “only when we feel safe to do we feel free to explore the unsafe”.

“Our Swedish heritage has taught us that safety is a catalyst for progress. We want to shift our narrative to reposition how we talk about safety. Less about the technology itself and more about the benefits it has for the driver – inside and outside of the car,” he says.

Seeded across multiple touchpoints, thought-provoking headlines invite the audience to participate in an immersive and interactive experience. The Questions of Safety featured on the platform invite people to share ‘how life affects how they drive actively’ and vice versa. The aim is to spark dialogue for a new level of engagement with Volvo Cars’ customers around the world and gather meaningful insights on driver behaviour.

This exploration will boost Volvo’s Research and Development, and potentially help and inspire further research, new products, services, and experiences for Volvo Cars and the entire automotive industry, to make the world a safe place.

To conclude, safe is not a boring word, but rather the silent partner that leads us to progress. Feeling safe pushes us to the edge, helping us to be ourselves - and letting is think differently.