Apple's Juicy Rumour: iPhone 16's Bigger Screens and Periscope Lenses

The 2024 iPhone 16 Pro models are rumoured to redefine smartphone standards with bigger screens and first-time inclusion of periscope lenses, promising an elevated user experience.

Apple's Juicy Rumour: iPhone 16's Bigger Screens and Periscope Lenses

Tuesday May 16, 2023,

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In a game-changing revelation, Apple is reported to be priming a significant enhancement in the design and technological specifications of its Pro model iPhones. The news, spurred by the renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo's recent blog post on Medium, hints at an anticipated increase in the screen sizes of the 2024 iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max models. Furthermore, both premium devices are set to feature a periscope lens for the first time, an innovation made possible by the larger internal space afforded by the new size.

A Sizeable Upgrade

The size increase is a notable step-change from the dimensions of the current iPhone 14 Pro models and the soon-to-be-released iPhone 15 models, which are expected to retain the same screen sizes as their predecessors. According to display industry analyst Ross Young, the iPhone 16 Pro is predicted to feature a display size of 6.3 inches, a marginal but significant increase from the current 6.1 inches. Concurrently, the iPhone 16 Pro Max is set to sport a 6.9-inch display, up from the present 6.7 inches.

This upgrade, which equates to an approximate increase of 0.2 inches for both devices, reflects Apple's strategic move to continually expand the boundaries of immersive smartphone experiences.

A Periscopic Vision

The other major upgrade is the incorporation of the periscope camera system into both iPhone 16 Pro models. This rumour has its roots in an earlier prediction by Kuo, who has often accurately prophesied about Apple's strategy of reserving cutting-edge hardware features for its most premium models.

The periscope lens system is a revolutionary technology that transforms the way light is received by the camera. In this setup, light entering the telephoto lens is reflected by an angled mirror towards the camera's image sensor. This shift in direction allows for a longer "folded" telephoto setup, enabling users to zoom in further without any reduction in image quality or clarity.

Apple's partner, Cowell, is expected to supply this groundbreaking periscope camera system. If Kuo's predictions hold true, the periscope lens system will add a 5-6x optical zoom to the iPhone 15 Pro, a noticeable upgrade from the current 3x optical zoom supported by the iPhone 14 Pro. However, it remains uncertain whether this zoom range will be further improved for the 2024 Pro and Pro Max models or retain the same specifications as the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Beyond Expectations

Apple's unwavering commitment to innovation is once again evident in these rumours about the iPhone 16 Pro models. By continually pushing the boundaries of design and technology, Apple is setting the pace in a rapidly evolving smartphone industry. As we anticipate the official announcements, one thing remains clear: Apple is dedicated to enhancing user experiences and setting new standards in mobile technology.

The tech world now waits with bated breath for the official unveiling of these groundbreaking features in the iPhone 16 Pro models. Will the larger screens and periscope lenses become the new standard for premium smartphones? Only time will tell. Until then, these rumours certainly set a high bar for Apple's relentless pursuit of technological excellence.