India’s largest agri enterprise Samunnati to host first-of-its-kind Lighthouse FPO Conclave in Hyderabad

The two-day conclave, on ‘Building a resilient FPO ecosystem’ will host 170+ lighthouse FPOs from across India.

India’s largest agri enterprise Samunnati to host first-of-its-kind Lighthouse FPO Conclave in Hyderabad

Thursday June 22, 2023,

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The emergence of Farmers' Producer Organisations (FPOs) in India’s vast and diverse agricultural landscape has led to a profound shift, redefining the dynamics of the agricultural ecosystem. FPOs, comprising groups of farmers united by a common goal, have become a game changer for Indian agriculture by empowering smallholder farmers and driving inclusive growth.

These FPOs serve as powerful catalysts for change, addressing longstanding challenges faced by farmers such as limited access to markets, lack of bargaining power, and inadequate infrastructure. The government, meanwhile, has introduced various initiatives, such as the Formation & Promotion of 10,000 FPOs Scheme, PM-Kisan Scheme, and e-NAM, to support farmers and increase their income.

However, despite the transformative potential of FPOs, only a few are able to survive and grow to become commercially profitable entities. This is because FPOs face numerous challenges like access to credit at the right time, lack of infrastructure, and, most importantly, lack of alignment with the market. 

This makes it crucial to showcase successful experiences, innovative approaches, and learnings from thriving FPOs. By sharing ideas and strategies, these successful FPOs can inspire and guide thousands of aspiring farmer collectives, empowering them to emulate similar models of success.

Recognising this, Samunnati, India's leading agri enterprise, is set to host an a novel FPO Conclave, a groundbreaking event that aims to facilitate knowledge exchange, showcase inspiring success stories, and foster innovation among FPOs.

Lighthouse FPO Conclave 2023

True to its name, Samunnati stands for the collective growth and prosperity of the agri ecosystem. The organisation believes that collectivisation is the bedrock of larger and deeper socio-economic transformation. Its flagship conclave, Lighthouse FPO Conclave 2023, aims to evangelise the collectivisation movement further by owning and driving the agenda. 

The two-day conclave, themed around Building a Resilient FPO Ecosystem, will be held in Hyderabad, Telangana, on June 23-24, 2023. The event is envisaged as a unique platform for top-performing FPOs to learn, share and grow together. It will be held at Kanha Shantivanam, the worldwide headquarters of the Heartfulness Foundation, set in a sprawling 1,000+ acre green campus.

Anil Kumar SG, Founder and CEO, Samunnati, said, This is a first-of-its-kind congregation of top-performing FPOs, who are torchbearers for the entire ecosystem. The idea is to use this congregation as a platform to discuss and exchange ideas that made them successful, and take them far and wide for the benefit of the entire ecosystem. This will be a great enabler for nascent FPOs in the country.

Headquartered in Chennai, Samunnati has a presence in more than 100 agri-value chains spread across 22 states in India and has powered over $1.9 billion of gross transaction value in its journey so far. It currently has access to 4,600+ farmer collectives with a member base of more than eight million farmers and envisions impacting one in every four farming households through its network by 2027

The conclave will give FPOs from across India a platform to share stories of their struggles and success, and share their learnings with other FPOs and the ecosystem at large. This will help inspire thousands of FPOs to become thriving commercial enterprises and ultimately benefit the farmers of India.

The event features carefully curated panel discussions around four key themes: Addressing the Access to Finance Paradox, Opening FPO Mindset to AgTech Innovations, Access to Markets – Opportunities & New Developments, and Climate Smart Practices & Regenerative Agriculture.

What makes the Conclave unique? 

Here’s what makes Lighthouse FPO Conclave 2023 a novel event: 

  • Congregation of top-performing FPOs: The conclave aims to bring together 170+ top-performing ‘Lighthouse FPOs’, who are the true harbingers of hope for the nascent FPO ecosystem. 

  • For the FPOs, by the FPOs: Participating FPOs will understand more about what can enable their growth, and how they can foster peer-to-peer learning. FPOs will share best practices and engage with each other for mutual growth and prosperity.

  • Ecosystem game changers: The conclave aims to bring together game-changing stakeholders who represent the whole ecosystem in addition to policymakers, government agencies, industry experts, and startups that are transforming the farming sector.

  • Recognise and celebrate: The conclave is also an occasion to celebrate, showcase, and recognise the ideas of these top-performing FPOs from different sectors/value chains and regions of India. Special recognition will be given to select FPOs that have ensured higher value realisation for member farmers, and/or are unique in creating a positive impact that deserves a shoutout. 

Speakers and the agenda

Eminent panellists such as S Ramesh, CEO, Nabkisan; Shubhendu Dash, VP, Access Development Services; and Ashish, Chief Strategy Officer, Garuda Aerospace; will be among those sharing their insights at various panels. Along with them, Ananya Ramakanth from Forests by Heartfulness, Tushar Devidayal from Devidayal Solar Solutions, and Ramanjaneyalu from Centre for Sustainable Agriculture (CSA) will also share their thoughts for the benefit of the FPOs and other ecosystem stakeholders. 

All panels will have equal representation from FPOs that have done well in the themed areas.

In addition to the panel discussions, prominent speakers like Dr Shaik N Meera, Director ICAR-ATARI; CS Reddy, Founder & CEO, APMAS; Shireesh Joshi, CSO, ONDC; Arun Raste, CEO, NCDEX; and Sanjay Sacheti, Country Head, Olam India will deliver keynote speeches. 

The main highlight of the conclave is the Gala Evening on June 23, where Chief Guest MR Muthukumar, Group CFO at Olam Group Limited and CEO - Of operations at Olam Agri, Singapore, will address the audience on how to make FPOs sustainable and profitable. 

The ‘State of Sector Report 2023 - Farmer Producer Organisation in India’, published by NAFPO, will also be launched. Anish Kumar, Managing Director, Transforming Rural India Foundation, will dive deep into its highlights and key implications for the year ahead.

Key agricultural representatives, experts, thought leaders, and stakeholders will also be present at the event. 

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