6 ways tech companies can improve their sustainability

As the technology sector is shifting to reduce its carbon footprint, here is how tech companies can become more sustainable.

6 ways tech companies can improve their sustainability

Friday July 07, 2023,

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With the rise in the environmental concerns of using technologies, it becomes imperative for businesses to bring necessary changes to their operations to be sustainable. Technology is one of the biggest sectors now shifting slowly towards adopting sustainable practices. 

Today, consumers are becoming more aware of the negative impacts of non-environment-friendly products. A recent study reveals that around 81% of consumers want companies to be eco-friendly when it comes to advertising and communications. 

Here are six ways tech companies can become sustainable!

Circular economy 

A circular economy model aims to reduce waste while focusing on the efficient use of resources. In short, the life cycle of products is extended by refurbishing, recycling materials, reusing, and repairing for as long as possible. Tech companies can minimise waste production by building a circular economy action plan.

For instance, the Swedish company IKEA has adopted the circular economy model through three main initiatives: introducing a take-back programme, designing circular products, and investing in sustainable materials.

Utilise eco-friendly products and manufacturing processes 

Tech businesses can significantly reduce their environmental impact by using eco-friendly products and manufacturing processes. Opting for sustainable materials in the initial stages of manufacturing can lower the effects on the environment. 

Previously, fast food chain Burger King revealed it is testing to introduce reusable packaging for its food items by partnering with TerraCycle’s Loop initiative.

Saving energy

Smart sensors, thermostats, and power strips can help corporations to conserve energy. In fact, additions such as smart switches can help office lights stay on only when required. By doing so, your business can save money through these simple technologies. 

More importantly, electricity bills are one of the biggest expenses for businesses. However, with advancements in technology, this problem can be tackled easily.

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Follow sustainable practices 


Simply plugging the computer on and off will not entirely help your company to be sustainable. You can incorporate certain practices to lower carbon footprints. A few good examples can be:

  • To utilise and promote efficient, certified devices
  • Few teams can work virtually, and businesses can consider shifting them to work from home model
  • Optimally use data centre space and relocate servers farms in colder regions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Hosting recycling programmes

Recycling electronics or e-waste is quite crucial to combat landfill pollution. As tech companies utilise highly advanced tools and products, their lifecycle needs to be increased for the greater good. 

By implementing effective strategies, businesses can allow customers to exchange their old devices for new ones for credits or get incentives for recycling their worn-out devices. 

Doing so will also boost the environmental and social responsibility reputation of your brand thus, improving customer satisfaction. 

Adopt the sustainability culture

Tech companies can adopt sustainability in their culture to introduce better strategies, practices, and principles. It will also assist your team, employees, and stakeholders to prioritise eco-consciousness and commit to taking shared responsibility. 

It is a beneficial approach that makes your business stay strong in the long term amid tough competition, as consumers will prefer more environmental-friendly products. 

Edited by Suman Singh