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ChatGPT’s New Features: Doubling Messages, Code Interpreter & More

the power of coding with ChatGPT's Code Interpreter. Analyze data, create charts, and perform complex calculations, all within your chats

ChatGPT’s New Features: Doubling Messages, Code Interpreter & More

Thursday July 20, 2023 , 3 min Read

Artificial Intelligence has brought about a revolution in the field of digital communication, and at the forefront of this wave of innovation is OpenAI's latest language model, GPT-4, powering the ChatGPT. In a series of exciting updates, ChatGPT has been supercharged with features, model upgrades, and expanded user engagement, making it a game-changer in the AI-driven language model industry.

Doubling the Pleasure: The New Message Limit

OpenAI has doubled the joy for ChatGPT Plus customers by increasing the number of messages they can send. From July 19, the new message limit will be a generous 50 every 3 hours, giving users more room to interact, learn, and create.

Coding Made Easy: The Code Interpreter

In a significant step forward, ChatGPT now comes with an in-built code interpreter, currently rolling out in beta on the web. The code interpreter feature empowers ChatGPT Plus users to run code, analyse data, create charts, edit files, perform mathematical calculations, and much more. It marks a leap in versatility, extending ChatGPT's capabilities beyond conversation into functional programming and data analysis.

Browsing Updates: Fixes and Expansions

OpenAI is dedicated to ensuring the best user experience. It temporarily disabled the Browsing beta feature due to certain content display issues. However, in a massive boost to mobile users, it integrated the browsing feature with Bing, allowing comprehensive answers and current insights on events and information that extend beyond the model's original training data.

Going Global: ChatGPT App for iOS

In a bid to make its cutting-edge technology accessible to a wider audience, OpenAI expanded the availability of the ChatGPT app for iOS to more countries. The iOS users from 11 new countries, including Albania, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Jamaica, Korea, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom, can now leverage the app for engaging, creative, and informative conversations.

Share and Care: Introducing Shared Links

In an exciting development, OpenAI introduced a shared links feature. It allows users to share their ChatGPT conversations with others, a crucial step towards collaborative learning and knowledge sharing.

Supercharging with GPT-4

One of the most significant upgrades has been the incorporation of the GPT-4 model. With enhanced capabilities in advanced reasoning, handling complex instructions, and creativity, it marks a new era in AI language models. This enhancement will enable users to engage in more sophisticated and intricate interactions with the AI.

Turbocharging the ChatGPT Experience

User feedback is integral to OpenAI. Based on it, they defaulted Plus users to a faster version of ChatGPT, known as "Turbo". It ensures a speedy and efficient user experience.

Striking the Balance: Factuality and Creativity

OpenAI has also been hard at work enhancing the factuality and mathematical capabilities of ChatGPT. These upgrades contribute towards striking the perfect balance between an AI model's creative abilities and its factual correctness, a critical attribute in today's fact-driven world.

OpenAI's continuous efforts to innovate and refine ChatGPT have made it a significant player in the AI language model sector. With its user-centric approach, OpenAI is bound to surprise its users with even more exciting features and updates in the future.

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