100 Years of Hachiko: The Dog Who Redefined Loyalty

A tribute to Hachiko on his centenary: The Akita dog whose remarkable story of loyalty reverberates across the globe, leaving an indelible impact on literature, cinema, and popular culture.

100 Years of Hachiko: The Dog Who Redefined Loyalty

Monday July 03, 2023,

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As we commemorate the 100th birth anniversary of Hachiko this year, we reflect on the heart-warming narrative of a steadfast Akita dog whose profound loyalty continues to leave an indelible impact on literature, cinema, and popular culture. Hachiko was born on the 10th of November, 1923, in the scenic locale of Odate, situated within the Akita Prefecture. His extraordinary tale reverberates across the globe, serving as a poignant reminder of the deep bonds that can form between humans and animals​.

Hachiko's story is intertwined with his unwavering devotion to Hidesaburō Ueno, a professor at the Tokyo Imperial University. Hachiko's daily ritual involved waiting for Ueno at Shibuya Station after his return commute. This routine continued until Ueno's sudden passing in May 1925 due to a cerebral haemorrhage. Despite the loss, Hachiko's loyalty didn't waver. For over nine years after Ueno's demise, he continued his daily visits to the station, patiently waiting for his master's return that would never occur​.

Hachiko's persistent vigil drew the public's attention, initially attracting mixed reactions. Though initially seen as an irritation by the station staff, Hachiko soon won the hearts of the public. His story was brought to the limelight through an article in the Asahi Shimbun in 1932, leading people to support Hachiko with food and treats during his vigil, thus propelling him to nationwide fame​.

Hachiko's enduring legacy has been celebrated through various art forms. Notably, the Chinese film inspired by his story, following the Japanese adaptation in 1987 and the 2009 film featuring Richard Gere, have been box office hits, reigniting global interest in the profound relationship between Hachiko and Ueno​.

A symbol of Hachiko's undying dedication stands at Shibuya Station in Tokyo - a bronze statue erected in 1948. Originally set up in 1934, the statue epitomises Hachiko's loyalty, dependability, obedience, and understanding, representing the quintessence of unwavering devotion​.

As we honour Hachiko's centenary, we pay homage to more than a dog; we celebrate an enduring symbol of steadfast loyalty. His narrative transcends temporal and cultural boundaries, reminding us of the profound relationships that can develop between humans and animals. A century later, Hachiko's story continues to resonate worldwide, creating a lasting impression on our collective psyche and standing as an enduring testament to the timeless bonds of loyalty​.