OpenAI Addresses Copyright Concerns: Temporarily Disables ChatGPT's Browse Feature

OpenAI temporarily disables "Browse" feature in ChatGPT to address potential copyright issues, emphasising the importance of ethical AI development.

OpenAI Addresses Copyright Concerns: Temporarily Disables ChatGPT's Browse Feature

Tuesday July 04, 2023,

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On July 4th, OpenAI took a decisive step by temporarily disabling the "Browse" beta feature in its language model, ChatGPT. Announced via Twitter, this decision reflects OpenAI's commitment to addressing potential copyright issues that arose during the feature's testing phase.

The "Browse" feature aimed to augment user experience by pulling in real-time information from the web, thus increasing the relevance and accuracy of AI responses. However, OpenAI found that if users asked for a URL's full text, the feature may inadvertently fulfil the request, possibly infringing upon the rights of content owners.

OpenAI's tweet thanked its ChatGPT Plus subscribers, whose testing and feedback have been instrumental in identifying this concern. The subscribers’ contributions highlight the importance of user involvement in technological development and underline the significance of beta testing in refining and perfecting AI systems.

disabled the browse with bing

Although the "Browse" feature is temporarily offline, this represents a pause for improvement rather than a complete shutdown. OpenAI is focused on enhancing the feature to ensure that it respects content ownership rights while providing cutting-edge technology to its users.

OpenAI's swift action serves as a strong example for the broader AI community, showing the importance of a balanced approach to technological advancements, and how respect for intellectual property rights is as crucial as innovation itself.

The AI community is now eagerly waiting for the return of the "Browse" feature, confident in OpenAI's commitment to responsible AI development. As OpenAI continues to pioneer in the AI field, it reminds the tech world that user feedback and copyright respect are key elements of sustainable AI advancements.

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