Teaboy Honours Top Executives with Hyundai Cars for Their Unwavering Loyalty

Teaboy, a top beverage startup, sets new norms in employee appreciation, honoring its executives with Hyundai cars for their role in its success

Teaboy Honours Top Executives with Hyundai Cars for Their Unwavering Loyalty

Thursday July 27, 2023,

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The beverage start-up Teaboy recently surprised its three key team members with Hyundai vehicles. This initiative celebrates their indispensable contributions in the organization's evolution from an aspiring entity to a substantial enterprise with an impressive tally of 410 outlets.

Joseph Rajesh, the mastermind behind Teaboy as its CEO and founder, lauded the triumvirate - Tamilselvi, Prasanth, and Manimaran. Since joining in 2019, their relentless efforts have underpinned the company's expansion and solidified its presence in the market.

Emphasizing the importance of acknowledging employee achievements, Rajesh coined the car presentation ceremony as a "modest token to commemorate their victory". The ceremony took place on Wednesday, where the trio was handed over the keys to their brand new bright red Hyundai i10 hatchbacks.

The ceremony was graced by a dignified presence, Suresh Sambandam, the driving force behind the global software-as-a-service giant, Kissflow Inc. Entrusted with the task of handing over the car keys to the Teaboy stalwarts, Sambandam took this opportunity to extol Teaboy's swift ascent and signify the reward as an emblem of their significant accomplishments.

"Teaboy's speedy and awe-inspiring progress within a limited span is worth lauding," Sambandam exclaimed. "My profound congratulations to the entire Teaboy brigade for this outstanding achievement."

Intriguingly, Sambandam's own company, Kissflow Inc., mirrored this grandeur of recognition by rewarding its top brass with BMW vehicles. A testament to the dedication and loyalty of their top management, each car, valued at a crore, was gifted as a token of appreciation.

Such examples of corporate recognition illustrate the beauty of start-ups that hold their team members in high esteem, reinforcing the paramount importance of fidelity and commitment in transforming a start-up into a thriving enterprise.

Teaboy's trajectory is a tribute not just to their commercial savvy but also to their focus on valuing their people. As we eagerly await more triumphs from this promising start-up, it is anticipated that such initiatives would instigate a wave among other corporations to creatively acknowledge the hard work and zeal of their workforce. After all, the essence of a brand is the people who build it.

Teaboy's approach sets a benchmark for corporates, embodying the true spirit of appreciation, and proving that joy of achievement amplifies when it's shared with those who help garner it.

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