Update Alert : Youtube is Testing New Lock Screen Feature

Bidding Goodbye to Accidental Skips: Exploring the Potential of YouTube's New Lock Screen Feature in Enhancing Your Streaming Experience.

Update Alert : Youtube is Testing New Lock Screen Feature

Friday July 07, 2023,

2 min Read

Have you ever found yourself prematurely pulled out of a captivating YouTube video because of an accidental touch? This annoying scenario is all too familiar. Good news though - YouTube is onto this issue and is working on a fix.

According to Android Authority, YouTube is trialling a Lock Screen function. This innovative tool is simple yet powerful. It allows viewers to disable their touch screen during full-screen mode, preventing accidental interactions from disrupting the viewing experience.

However, this feature is currently in the testing phase and only available to YouTube Premium users. It's still uncertain whether YouTube plans to make this feature available to all users or if it will remain a Premium exclusive.

If you're a Premium user and want to try this feature, you can activate it on a dedicated page on the YouTube website. Be warned - not everyone who tries to enable it has succeeded. If you're among the lucky few, remember to leave your feedback. Positive responses might encourage YouTube to make this feature permanent.

This move by YouTube seems to align with industry trends. Many leading entertainment apps, including Netflix, already offer screen-locking features to prevent accidental touches. YouTube is now following suit.

YouTube Premium subscribers already enjoy benefits like ad-free playback and high-bitrate streaming. With the addition of the Lock Screen feature, they have another bonus: being among the first to test new features.

However, remember that YouTube's interface relies heavily on tap and swipe gestures. The new Lock Screen feature will help prevent accidental activation of these gestures, offering users a smoother viewing experience, especially beneficial for those with larger screens.

As this feature is still experimental and not fully operational, it's too soon to deliver a verdict. But it certainly shows promise in making our devices less accident-prone. It will be interesting to see how this development unfolds in comparison to other media player apps like VLC and KM Player, which already offer screen lock features. In the meantime, choose your content wisely - it's not easy to pause content on a locked screen!