From Weekend Project to $250 Billion Arena: Neetu & Kriti's Animall Journey.

Animall has redefined India's cattle trading. With over 180,000 cattle registered for sale and more than a million buyer-seller connections, it's leading the digital transformation.

From Weekend Project to $250 Billion Arena: Neetu & Kriti's Animall Journey.

Monday August 07, 2023,

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At the heart of India's rural landscape is the symbiotic relationship between farmers and their cattle. But delve a little deeper, and one identifies an unorganised and fragmented cattle market. Enter Animall, a brainchild of Neetu Yadav and Kirti Jangra from IIT-Delhi, a digital platform aiming to revolutionise this space.

From Idea to Impact

What began as a modest weekend project in August 2019 swiftly morphed into a top-tier VC-funded startup by year's end. Operating out of Gurugram, the Animall team, spearheaded by Yadav, Jangra, and other core members, sought to disrupt the dairy industry positively. Through interactions with farmers, they recognised the disarrayed nature of the cattle market. This realisation led to an initial investment of ₹50 lakh in January 2020. Their vision resonated with investors, accumulating a funding of ₹167.3 crore soon after.

Changing the Face of Cattle Trade

Yadav underscores the potential of dairy farming as a pivotal employment avenue for rural India. By December, Animall had registered 180,000 cattle for sale on its platform, establishing over a million buyer-seller interactions. The user-friendly mobile application transformed the erstwhile mocked concept of online cattle trading into a commonplace activity for farmers. The profound impact of Animall is evident when a farmer described it as a “revolution” rather than just an app.

A Glimpse into the Digital Future

The undeniable digital shift across sectors has enveloped agriculture as well, thanks to AgTech startups like Animall. They are reshaping a $250 billion market by instilling transparency, bypassing traditional middlemen-induced challenges. Animall's platform isn’t just about buying and selling; it offers additional services like insurance and financing, combined with a cattle grading system ensuring fair transactions for all parties.

Sequoia Capital India's managing director, Rajan Anandan, encapsulates Animall's potential, highlighting the founders' deep insight and emphasising their goal to transform the vast cattle market.

Animall's journey is more than a startup success story; it symbolises how innovation can rejuvenate traditional sectors. Through their unique approach, Yadav and Jangra have ignited a potential digital revolution in India's dairy farming scene, promising a brighter, more organised future for the country's vast cattle market.