17-Year-Old D Gukesh Tops Indian Chess, Ends Viswanathan Anand's 36-Year Reign

D Gukesh, a 17-year-old chess Grandmaster, surpasses Viswanathan Anand to become India's top-ranked player, signifying a new era in Indian chess.

17-Year-Old D Gukesh Tops Indian Chess, Ends Viswanathan Anand's 36-Year Reign

Friday August 04, 2023,

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In a remarkable development in Indian chess, 17-year-old Grandmaster D Gukesh has become the country's highest-rated player, ending Viswanathan Anand's 36-year dominance. This event is a sign of a bright future for Indian chess, as younger talents are emerging on the global stage.

Gukesh achieved this milestone after defeating Misratdin Iskandarov of Azerbaijan in a World Cup match. With this victory, his live rating increased to 2755.9, surpassing Anand's 2754.0, making him the ninth-ranked player globally.

The news was celebrated by the International Chess Federation (FIDE) and various Indian authorities, including Tamil Nadu's Chief Minister, M.K. Stalin. Stalin praised Gukesh's achievement as an inspiration to young talents and a proud moment for the state of Tamil Nadu.

Anand, a five-time World Champion, had been India's top-ranked player since January 1987. Gukesh's success symbolizes a generational shift, and if he maintains his position until September 1, he will officially secure his spot as the highest-ranked Indian player in the FIDE world rankings.

As Gukesh prepares for his third-round face-off with Indian counterpart S L Narayanan, the global chess community is keenly watching this promising star. Simultaneously, other budding Indian chess players such as Nihal Sarin, D Harika, GM R Praggnanandhaa, and R Vaishali have progressed to the third round, underlining India's rising prominence in international chess.

Gukesh's accomplishment is not just a personal triumph but a milestone for Indian chess. Being only the third Indian to enter the top 10 in the world after Anand and Pentala Harikrishna, his victory underscores the rise of a new generation in the sport.

In conclusion, Gukesh's success is a monumental step for Indian chess. It marks the emergence of new, young talents capable of competing at the highest level. His achievement serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring players and cements India's position as a rising powerhouse in global chess.