Nitin Gadkari Introduces a Green Wave with the World's First 100% Ethanol-fueled Toyota Innova

Nitin Gadkari launches the world's first ethanol Toyota Innova, heralding India's drive towards green mobility and sustainability

Nitin Gadkari Introduces a Green Wave with the World's First 100% Ethanol-fueled Toyota Innova

Monday August 28, 2023,

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In a revolutionary move for the Indian auto industry, Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari is set to launch a one-of-a-kind, 100% ethanol-fueled variant of Toyota's renowned Innova car on August 29, Tuesday. This groundbreaking launch underpins the minister's relentless commitment to bolstering the adoption of alternative fuel and green vehicles in the country.

Reflecting on his consistent dedication to the cause, Gadkari's endeavors were evident last year when he introduced the hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai EV to the Indian roads. The forthcoming ethanol-driven Innova will mark its significance as the world's inaugural BS-VI (Stage-II) electric flex-fuel vehicle.

The inspiration behind Gadkari's earnest drive for biofuels stems from the 2004 petrol price surge. Post that, the minister embarked on a journey to Brazil, an epicenter for biofuel research and development. Gadkari firmly believes that the potential of biofuels lies not just in providing an alternative fuel source but in substantially bolstering India's forex savings, currently being depleted due to petroleum imports.

Gadkari’s vision of an Atamnirbhar (self-reliant) India rests heavily on diminishing the nation's oil import bill, currently at a staggering ₹16 lakh crore. “This exorbitant import cost does more than just strain our economy. It's essential to underscore the grave environmental issues tied with heavy petroleum usage. Pollution remains a persistent adversary for India, demanding immediate and effective solutions,” opined Gadkari.

Reinforcing his commitment to sustainability, the minister highlighted multiple initiatives already underway. However, he acknowledged the urgency to escalate these efforts. “Our collective responsibility extends beyond reducing air pollutants. It encompasses reviving the health of our rivers and, fundamentally, safeguarding our environment," he conveyed.

Beyond the realm of transportation, Gadkari shed light on other developmental fronts. By the conclusion of this year, road projects amassing a whopping ₹65,000 crore, including the much-anticipated Dwarka Expressway, are set to reach their culmination.

The minister's concern for the environment was further reflected when he addressed the detrimental effects of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, linking them to life-threatening diseases like cancer. Gadkari envisions a greener, more sustainable future through organic farming, which he considers a potential treasure trove of wealth and sustainability.

Gadkari’s clarion call? “It's high time we transform waste into wealth, and in doing so, not only foster a sustainable environment but also drive down logistical costs, making India's developmental journey more economically efficient.”

In the dawn of such innovative ventures, India stands poised to usher in a new era of green transportation and holistic sustainability.

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