From Dropout to Tea Tycoon in Australia: Sanjith Konda's Success Story

How Sanjith Konda House, an 18-year-old from Bengaluru, India, transformed his journey from a university student to the founder of the million-dollar tea business, Dropout Chaiwala.

From Dropout to Tea Tycoon in Australia: Sanjith Konda's   Success Story

Friday August 04, 2023,

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Eighteen-year-old Sanjith Konda House from Bengaluru, India, embarked on a conventional path, leaving his homeland for Australia to pursue a Bachelor of Business Studies at La Trobe University's Bundoora Campus in Melbourne. However, an untraditional twist in his journey led him to trade his degree for an entrepreneurial dream, giving birth to the 'Dropout Chai Wala'.

Sanjith's decision to drop out of college during his fifth semester and launch his tea business was a testament to his courage, nurtured by his independent upbringing. Encouraged by his father, a mechanical engineer working for a Saudi Arabian oil company, and his homemaker mother, Sanjith had always been pushed to shoulder responsibilities uncommon for his age.

Armed with an initial investment of AUD 2 lakh, Sanjith, along with his friend Asar Ahmed Syed and two college seniors, Preetam Akula and Arun P. Singh, opened the first 'Dropout Chaiwala' outlet on Elizabeth Street. They started with a simple menu of five types of chai, gradually attracting attention from students and office workers.

Despite a slow start, Sanjith's determination propelled the venture forward. By March, a mobile chai truck was in operation, catering to various university events, festivals, and weddings. By August, a third store on La Trobe Street marked another milestone for the budding business.

Under Sanjith's leadership and with the help of a dedicated team, including Apoorva Singla, an Indian student managing the Elizabeth store, Dropout Chaiwala diversified its menu to offer light snacks. Within a year, the venture generated AUD 1 million in sales and employed 40 people, turning Sanjith's bold move into a thriving success.

Today, Sanjith, aged 22, enjoys a life he passionately built, filled with activities like Cross-fit, swimming, and climbing, complementing his successful business journey. His story, crowned by his mother's joy and satisfaction, is a testament to the power of courage, passion, and the audacity to create one's own path.

Sanjith Konda House's tale is not just about building a million-dollar business; it is a remarkable narrative of entrepreneurial spirit, the power of perseverance, and the importance of daring to dream. Dropout Chaiwala stands today as a symbol of entrepreneurial success and the embodiment of taking the path less traveled.