Reshaping real estate: Hottest proptech startups of 2023

Perceived through a business lens, statistics unveil a scope of vast development for real estate startups. We’ve compiled some of the most promising PropTech startups that are stirring the real estate landscape in 2023.

Reshaping real estate: Hottest proptech startups of 2023

Tuesday November 21, 2023,

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The rapid technological advancement, which has been dubbed by Harvard Business Review as “an access economy”, is all about providing economical access to peer-to-peer interactions for the exchange of goods and services.

While startups like Airbnb and Uber are swearing by this economic model, the global real estate industry is also prioritising digitisation and the access economy model. Because of this, Allied Market Research anticipates the global real estate sector to attain a staggering valuation of $48.9 trillion by the year 2031.

Perceived through a business lens, therefore, this signifies a vast scope of development for real estate startups. With further urbanisation, the real estate startup will grow in leaps and bounds. Amazing, isn’t it?

The emerging real estate startups are also called ‘PropTech Startups’ as they usher in technological advancements by introducing ingenious business models.

Wondering how you can keep track of the hottest real estate startups? Not to worry; we’ve compiled some of the most promising PropTech startups that are stirring the real estate landscape in 2023. Read along!

Top 5 prominent real estate startups

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Founded in 2019 in Hamburg, Germany by Luisa Haxel and Christian Evers, Evernest functions as a comprehensive real estate operating system. Through its data-centric service platform, it streamlines property transactions for both buyers and sellers. Moreover, the company has forged collaborations with various European property listing platforms to facilitate clients with real-time property updates.

Although the startup began its journey quite recently, it has already demonstrated an exceptional 5-year search growth of 4900%. Evernest secured substantial backing of €19 million in a Series A funding round in January 2022 from Apic Investments.

Driven by a rapidly expanding team of agents and employees, Evernest opened the doors of its fifth operational hub to extend its reach to major European metropolises in the pipeline.

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Established in 2017 by Joseph Woodbury, Colton Gardner, and Preston Alder, Neighbor is one of the first peer-to-peer marketplaces nestled within the vibrant tech landscape of Silicon Slopes, Lehi, Utah.

Neighbor serves as a nexus by linking individuals who possess underutilised space within their residences, apartments or garages with renters in search of economical storage solutions.

This unique approach is immensely advantageous to renters as it furnishes them with secure and conveniently accessible storage at a bearable cost. Alongside this, it is a profitable prospect for hosts, enabling them to generate substantial annual income from their unused spaces.

The unique selling point of Neighbor lies in its commitment to cultivating secure, seamless, and friendly connections between renters and hosts. The company also promises a renter guarantee of $25,000 to safeguard stored items coupled with a substantial $1 million host liability guarantee.

These assurances resonate with Neighbor's ethos of fostering a community of compassionate neighbours.


Founded in 2014 in London by Colby Short and Jean-Sebastien Powell, GetAgent empowers its users to discover adept real estate agents to manage their property affairs. It stands out for its innovative cross-referencing capability.

By analysing property data and the land registry's performance metrics, GetAgent evaluates agents against predetermined criteria. This thorough inspection helps the users find out the best agent for their property.

With a user-friendly digital interface, the platform possesses the ability to schedule valuations, and monitor listings and thereby succeeds in ensuring a tailored approach to property management.

With the sale of over 200,000 houses in the UK and 600,000 users, GetAgent has carved a distinctive niche for itself.


Founded in 2011 in New York City by Justin Lee, Jonathan Wasserstrum and Aron Susman, Squarefoot specialises in streamlining the world of commercial real estate leasing. Its core mission revolves around providing seamless real estate search by tailoring each step of the leasing process.

SquareFoot's success lies in its user-friendly interface technology and a team of adept real estate experts.

SquareFoot's driving force is rooted in its ability to bridge specific client needs with a dynamic understanding of market dynamics.


Founded in 2016 by Jarred Kessler and Ben Black, EasyKnock introduces a unique approach by offering an alternative solution for customers looking to tap into their home's equity.

The platform empowers users to seamlessly transform their equity into liquid assets. Through its innovative sale-leaseback programs, homeowners have the option to sell their property to EasyKnock while continuing to reside in it as renters. This arrangement extends for a period of up to 5 years, offering them the time to stabilise their circumstances. During this time, they can either finalise the acquisition of a new home or effectively address their financial challenges.

The startup has three distinct plans: Sell & Stay, MoveAbility, and ReLease. These plans are devoid of credit score or debt-to-income prerequisites. Additionally, renters are granted the flexibility to repurchase their home at any point, adhering to the mutually agreed-upon buyout cost.

This innovative residential sale-leaseback program discards the limitations posed by traditional lender requirements, thereby, opening new avenues for homeowners seeking financial solutions. A significant milestone came In August 2021, EasyKnock acquired FarmlandFinder, thereby becoming the first sale-leaseback service in the United States.

Since then, EasyKnock has experienced remarkable growth both in terms of funding and customer acquisition.

As we step into the future of real estate, these startups pave the way for innovation and seamless experiences. The future of property is now, and these PropTech pioneers are leading the charge. Here's to a tech-powered tomorrow!