From Village Room to Rs.3 Cr/month Turnover: Broomees' Incredible Journey

Tracing the success of Broomees, from a small Delhi room to Shark Tank India, unveiling a phenomenal journey of innovation, empowerment, and relentless growth in the domestic assistance sector.

From Village Room to Rs.3 Cr/month Turnover: Broomees' Incredible Journey

Wednesday September 13, 2023,

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In a hectic world that seldom slows down, finding reliable household help has metamorphosed into a Herculean task. However, Broomees, a groundbreaking initiative, has emerged as a beacon of reliability and welfare in the vast sea of the domestic assistance market.

Broomees' journey began in the humble confines of a small room in a village in Delhi, where Vaibhav Agarwal, an aspiring innovator who dropped out of Indian Business School, united with Niharika Jain and Saurav Kumar to sow the seeds of a revolution in 2020. Despite the initial obstacle of scant investments, this remarkable trio transformed a vision into a tangible reality, focusing on reshaping access to dependable household help.

At the heart of Broomees lies a profound commitment to not only match homeowners with competent professionals but also to prioritise the welfare of these indispensable workers. Beyond being a mere service provider, Broomees nurtures a thriving community, enhancing skill development and employability avenues for the workers enlisted on their platform.

Under the astute leadership of CEO Vaibhav Agarwal, Broomees fosters an environment where both service providers and consumers flourish. The platform stands as a testament to trust and authenticity, implementing stringent background checks involving Aadhaar and police verifications to ensure reliability and safety at every step.

Yet, the Broomees' saga is not just about creating connections. It's an evolving narrative of empowering the workforce through initiatives like interest-free loans and affordable health insurance schemes, which offer a safety net and avenues for growth for the workers.

The meteoric rise of Broomees hasn't gone unnoticed. The venture caught the eye and won accolades on the esteemed platform of Shark Tank India Season 2, where it achieved a staggering valuation of ₹33.33 Cr.

From its humble beginnings, witnessing a monthly turnover of ₹10,000, the platform now boasts a robust ₹3 Cr monthly turnover, drawing investments from industry stalwarts like 100x.VC, 2am.VC, and Magic Fund.

Broomees' ambitious roadmap is set on an impressive trajectory, aiming to onboard over 1 lakh workers nationwide within the span of five years. This goal mirrors their relentless commitment to transforming the fragmented and unorganised sector into a powerhouse of reliability and growth.

Broomees is more than a success story. It's a vivid tapestry of innovation, determination, and an unwavering belief in the potential of fostering trust and excellence in the domestic help sector. Through its dynamic approach, Broomees is not just reshaping an industry, but redefining the standards of quality and reliability in domestic assistance.