ChatGPT prompts: Boost your product management skills

Here is a list of top ChatGPT prompts you can use to enhance your product management skills and work.

ChatGPT prompts: Boost your product management skills

Tuesday December 19, 2023,

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ChatGPT may not have been the buzzword for 2023 but it still took the spotlight this year. From automating tasks to streamlining workflow, GPT has enhanced all kinds of work processes.

When it comes to managing products, things can be challenging as one needs to constantly have a customer-centric approach and develop innovative products. So, here are some effective ChatGPT prompts that can help you out!

What are ChatGPT prompts?

ChatGPT functions on textual instructions. These are called ChatGPT prompts. So, the better the prompt is, the ChatGPT gives a response. To get a relevant answer from this AI bot, users need good examples that they can refer to and apply according to their requirements.

So, here are some top ChatGPT prompts that you can use as a product manager.

Top ChatGPT prompts for product managers

Prompt 1: For market research

ChatGPT is quite handy when it comes to researching competitors and their value propositions, estimating market size, etc. Here are some prompts that can help you out with market research.

  • I am building a [product or service name]. Can you give a list of competitors in [industry name], their value propositions, and weaknesses?
  • Can you list the top five competitors in the [specified] industry in India from information on the internet?
  • Perform SWOT analysis on [competitors name]

You can also ask follow-up questions once GPT lists out the features or data to get in-depth insights about your competitors and how you can improve your product according to the current consumer trends.

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Prompt 2: Learn about product management concepts

If you are fairly new to product management, ChatGPT can come to your rescue to educate you. It can explain fundamental concepts such as developing a customer-centric strategy and understanding product lifecycle. Here is an example.

Prompt: I am new a product manager and want to learn about [concept name]. Can you please explain to me what is [concept name] and why is it important?

Prompt 3: Create a user persona

AI tools like ChatGPT cannot provide real-time data but they can help you create an ideal user persona. This can help startups target the correct audience and improvise their products. To make one, use the following prompt.

Prompt: I am building an app [app details]. Please create an ideal user persona for me.

Apart from this, you can also make a random character and ask ChatGPT its preferences based on the information to understand the preferences of your customer.

Prompt 4: Summarise customer inputs and feedback

Simply gathering user feedback is not the right approach. Instead, you need to highlight the key pain points of customers and turn them into actionable insights but it is a time-consuming task. So, you can use GPT to summarise all the feedback, surveys, interviews, etc.

You can use the following prompts to do so:

  • Here is a chat conversation between our support team and customers. Can you create FAQs based on them? [Add chat here]
  • Here is some feedback from our customers. Can you categorise them into [add specific category] and suggest some more categories? Also, tell me the key pointers to improve my product.
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Prompt 5:Do competitor analysis

Observing your competitors is important but it is a challenging task to perform manually. So, you can leverage the power of ChatGPT to do a brief analysis. Here is a prompt example.

Prompt: Please perform a product analysis on [competitor’s name].

Take your product management to the next level with the power of ChatGPT. Embrace the future of AI-driven insights and make informed decisions. Start leveraging ChatGPT today!