Coke’s Latest AI-Created Flavor Y3000 Faces Harsh Criticism!

Y3000, Coca-Cola's latest venture into AI-generated flavors, faces mixed reviews. With a flat flavor profile and an unimpressive AR addition, is technology meeting its limits in the beverage industry?

Coke’s Latest AI-Created Flavor Y3000 Faces Harsh Criticism!

Thursday September 28, 2023,

2 min Read

Coca-Cola recently released a new soda flavor called Y3000, which was created with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). With a name that stands for Year 3000, this soda is marketed as having a “Futuristic Flavor.” However, many consumers don’t seem too thrilled about it.

What’s the Taste?

According to reviews, Y3000 doesn’t taste exciting. People say the flavor is flat and unclear. After a brief hint of flavor, you mainly taste sugar and berries. This soda doesn't remind people of the classic Coke flavor that’s loved worldwide.

Why So Bland?

While some new sodas are criticized for being too sweet or having overpowering flavors, Y3000 is said to be simply bland. It doesn’t offer a taste that gets people excited about the future, as its name might suggest. The soda’s blandness doesn’t change even when it's served over ice.

AI in the Kitchen

Coca-Cola’s attempt at using AI to create a new soda flavor shines a spotlight on AI’s current limits in making tasty food and drink recipes. Even though AI can be a helpful assistant in the kitchen for various tasks, creating enjoyable flavors is not its strong suit right now. The not-so-great reception of Y3000 shows that there’s a lot of room for improvement in AI-generated food and drink products.

AR Experience Included

Besides the soda itself, Coca-Cola also launched an augmented reality (AR) experience with Y3000. By scanning the QR code on the soda bottle, people can see AI-created images of what the year 3000 might look like. However, considering how films and TV shows often misrepresent the future, these images might not be very believable or interesting to many.

In Conclusion

Coca-Cola's AI-generated soda Y3000 hasn’t been a hit with customers so far, with many finding its flavor bland and unimpressive. The additional AR experience, while creative, doesn't seem to add much value to the soda either. As companies continue experimenting with AI for creating new products, Y3000’s lukewarm reception sends a warning: AI has limitations, and its creations might not always meet consumers’ taste expectations. For now, aligning AI-made products with what customers actually want remains a significant challenge.