The Man Who Had 20 Degrees from 42 Universities: India's Most Qualified Individual, Dr. Shrikant Jichkar

Dr. Shrikant Jichkar: A testament to human potential, showcasing an indomitable spirit that accumulated 20 degrees and left an indelible mark on Indian politics

The Man Who Had 20 Degrees from 42 Universities: India's Most Qualified Individual, Dr. Shrikant Jichkar

Monday September 11, 2023,

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In the echelons of Indian intelligentsia, Dr. Shrikant Jichkar holds a towering presence, having accumulated 20 degrees from 42 universities, and leaving an indelible mark in various fields ranging from medicine to politics. Born in Aajamgaon near Nagpur on September 14, 1954, Jichkar embarked on a remarkable academic journey that saw him master an unprecedented array of subjects, becoming an icon of knowledge and determination.

Jichkar’s thirst for knowledge was insatiable. Initially embarking on a medical path with MBBS and MD degrees, his quest led him further to acquire qualifications in law, business administration, and journalism. But his academic pursuits didn't just stop at obtaining degrees; he exhibited unparalleled excellence in every field, bagging first merits and several gold medals.

Beyond his academic accolades, Jichkar showcased versatility and brilliance by clearing the grueling IPS and IAS examinations. Despite his success in the civil services, Jichkar soon realised that his true calling lay in politics. At the tender age of 26, he became India's youngest MLA, evidencing his leadership prowess and dedication to public service. His political acumen saw him serve in various significant roles including as a member of the Maharashtra Legislative Council and a parliamentarian of the Rajya Sabha.

A man of multifaceted talents, Jichkar also nurtured a passion for painting, photography, and acting. His love for knowledge was further echoed in his personal library, a repository of over 52,000 books, making it one of the largest in India.

Tragically, Jichkar’s journey was cut short at the age of 49 in a car accident in 2004, leaving a gaping void in the Indian intellectual and political sphere. His demise marked the loss of a luminary who epitomised the endless possibilities of human endeavour.

Today, Dr. Shrikant Jichkar stands as a beacon of inspiration, urging generations to transcend boundaries in the pursuit of knowledge and excellence. His life, though short, serves as a powerful testimony to the boundless potential within each individual, inspiring many to dare, dream, and achieve greatness in various walks of life.

As we reminisce about Jichkar’s journey, we witness a life that exemplified unbounded curiosity and excellence, showcasing that with passion and determination, nothing is truly impossible. Let us honour the remarkable life of Dr. Shrikant Jichkar, a true polymath and India's most qualified man, who showed the world that the realms of human achievement are indeed limitless.