Hyderabad Firm Launches India's Premier AI Anti-Drone System

Grene Robotics unveils Indrajaal, a pioneering AI-empowered anti-drone system, marking a new era in India's defence technology

 Hyderabad Firm Launches India's Premier AI Anti-Drone System

Wednesday September 06, 2023,

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In an unprecedented stride towards enhancing India's defense capabilities, the Hyderabad-established firm, Grene Robotics, has unveiled the pioneering anti-drone mechanism dubbed "Indrajaal". This AI-integrated safeguarding tool marks a new era in protecting critical assets, facilities, and urban expanses from potential drone infiltrations, heralding a vital phase in India's defense technological advancements.

A Novel Countermeasure to Growing Dangers

In the wake of escalating malevolent drone activities nationwide, the introduction of Indrajaal couldn't be more timely. The first eight months of 2023 have witnessed 200 instances of adversarial UAV involvements, accentuating the urgent requirement for fortified defense protocols. Uttarakhand's Governor, Lieutenant General Gurmit Singh, acknowledges Indrajaal as a futuristic deterrent addressing the escalating security dilemmas in sectors such as defense and public infrastructure.

Unrivalled Efficacy in Drone Security

Spanning a remarkable expanse of 4000 square kilometers, Indrajaal stands alone as the planet's singular extensive Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System (C-UAS), offering an all-encompassing safeguard against evolving menaces that traditional stationary defense systems fail to confront adequately.

Grene Robotics' foresighted founder, Kiran Raju, detailed that the system incorporates a diverse technological layer fortified by artificial intelligence, delivering unparalleled all-round safeguarding. The mechanism is proficient in detecting, pinpointing, and nullifying threats with unmatched speed, often within a limited timeframe of a few seconds to several minutes, offering a nimble recourse to imminent drone aggressions.

Pinnacle of Native Creativity

Indrajaal is set to redefine drone security by addressing a wide array of threats encompassing low radar cross section (RCS) hazards, and medium to high-altitude sustained operation (MALE and HALE) UAVs, along with loitering ammunitions and mass drone infiltrations. This innovation is the brainchild of a team of specialists including Wing Commander Sai Mallela, who contributes extensive expertise in network-centric operations and defense technologies.

A Cost-Savvy Approach to National Security

Despite its cutting-edge features, the Indrajaal system proposes a financially viable strategy to shield critical infrastructures. It emerges as a crucial investment, akin to protective protocols observed in level 4 data centers, promising all-encompassing security against contemporary aerial dangers. Thanks to its extensive coverage capacity, the system facilitates unified operation and command control, emerging as a cost-effective alternative for guarding key areas.

Vision of a Protected Tomorrow

Indrajaal embodies a beacon of anticipation, demonstrating the potential of AI in fortifying a country against contemporary threats. It is proficient not only in tackling present security challenges but also in distinguishing between allied and hostile drones, establishing itself as an invaluable asset amidst the surge in UAV activities.

Indrajaal signifies a monumental advancement in India's quest for a secure and technologically progressive future. By proffering a robust response to the rising drone-related dangers, Grene Robotics is scripting a fresh chapter in India's defense story, charting a course towards a fortified and resilient nation.

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