35 years old millionaire shares 35 cheatcodes for successful life

The story of a police officer turned business tycoon. Join us as we unravel Paul Alex Espinoza's core philosophies - 35 lessons that can reshape your personal and financial landscape.

35 years old millionaire shares 35 cheatcodes for successful life

Monday September 04, 2023,

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Paul Alex Espinoza's journey from a police officer to an 8-figure entrepreneur is not just a testament to his hard work but a roadmap laden with life and financial wisdom. Through social media, Paul Alex has shared insights that resonate across different walks of life. Here's a concise compilation of his 35 golden nuggets:

  1. Marriage: Don't rush; the right partner might come in your 30s.
  2. Perception: Only close ones consistently think about you.
  3. Parental Bond: Regular calls to parents mean the world to them.
  4. Online Safety: Keep your real-time locations private.
  5. Comfort Zone: It's a dream-killer. Push boundaries.
  6. Money's Mirror: It reveals, not changes character.
  7. Age vs. Achievement: At 30, you can outperform your 20s self.
  8. Charity: Giving counts more than possessing.
  9. Honoring Roots: Care for and recognise parents' sacrifices.
  10. Consistency: Just showing up places you ahead of most.
  11. Trust: Real loyalty is rare; choose confidants wisely.
  12. True Wealth: It's about long-term comfort, not just current earnings.
  13. Health: Your most valuable asset. Protect it.
  14. Earnings: Keep your income details private.
  15. Friendly Rivals: Most root for you, but not past their own success.
  16. Savings: Keep 6-12 months' expenses; invest the rest.
  17. Learning: Continuous self-education shields against obsolescence.
  18. Purpose: Aimlessness lacks appeal; have dreams and goals.
  19. Taxes: Knowledge of tax codes can be advantageous.
  20. Advice: Trust those in the field, not just observers.
  21. Company: A small, loyal circle beats a large, negative one.
  22. Early Financial Moves: Your 20s should be about assets, not liabilities.
  23. Time: Procrastination now leads to lifetime regrets.
  24. Relationship Goals: A supportive partner bolsters your dreams.
  25. Financial Independence: A steady job with a side hustle often suffices.
  26. Real Estate: It's more an affluent's safe haven than a wealth generator.
  27. Time Management: Use money to buy time via services.
  28. Money's Role: It's crucial; strive for more of it.
  29. Financial Habits: Wise spending and lack of showoff lead to growth.
  30. Affluence Illusion: Appearances can deceive; many "rich" might be in debt.
  31. Young Age Decisions: Early financial missteps can be long-lasting.
  32. Retirement: Start preparing now; don't just count on social security.
  33. Business Learning: Practical experience trumps theoretical knowledge.
  34. Salary Allocation: Direct earnings towards future security, not debts.
  35. Home Ownership: Your home's an asset only if it earns.

From relationships to business, Paul Alex's insights are comprehensive. As we forge our paths, these distilled lessons from his journey can light the way, showing us the art of living wisely and prospering.