16-Year-Old Pranjali Awasthi: Mind Behind Rs 99.8Cr AI Data Startup

Meet Pranjali Awasthi, a young visionary who, at 16, has launched Delv.AI, a startup destined to revolutionize data extraction in research with cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology.

16-Year-Old Pranjali Awasthi: Mind Behind Rs 99.8Cr AI Data Startup

Tuesday October 10, 2023,

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Sixteen-year-old Pranjali Awasthi of India has created ripples in the technology world with her venture, Delv.AI, a startup dedicated to refining the process of data extraction for research. Launched in January 2022, the company has already attracted funding to the tune of Rs 3.7 crore.

A Child with a Vision

Pranjali’s journey with technology started young, under her father’s guidance, an engineer who championed computer science education. Beginning her coding journey at a tender age of seven, she exhibited signs of a tech prodigy. When her family moved to Florida, the world of computer science and competitive math opened up for her, intensifying her passion for tech.

Nurturing the Tech Spark

Taking her interest to the next level, 13-year-old Pranjali joined an internship at Florida International University research labs, diving deep into machine learning projects. This stint, along with her virtual high school experience during the pandemic, allowed her valuable insight into the latest tech trends and technologies.

Birth of Delv.AI

It was during this internship that the idea of Delv.AI sprouted. Pranjali identified a gap in the market for efficient data extraction processes and sought to eliminate data silos, aiming to support researchers navigating through the sea of growing online information. She envisioned an AI-driven solution to make data extraction streamlined and accurate.

Accelerating Success

With her evident potential, Pranjali won a place at an AI startup accelerator in Miami, facilitated by tech enthusiasts Lucy Guo and Dave Fontenot from Backend Capital. This step was pivotal, marking her decision to chase her dreams, momentarily stepping away from high school. The accelerator became the launchpad, helping her attract investments from prominent names like On Deck and Village Global, eventually raising $450,000.

A Mission to Simplify Research

Pranjali’s mission with Delv.AI is simple but impactful: aiding researchers in efficiently finding specific information, thereby cutting down time spent on manual data extraction. The company, now valued at an impressive $12 million (or Rs 99.8 crore), stands testament to not just her vision but also the significant potential the venture holds in the tech industry. The young prodigy’s journey, although just beginning, is promising and inspiring for many, underscoring that age is just a number when it comes to innovation and entrepreneurship.