Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, Anthropic Drive Frontier Model Forum's Director Appointment and $10M AI Fund

Frontier Model Forum appoints Chris Meserole as leader and introduces a $10M AI Safety Fund, revolutionizing AI safety research

Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, Anthropic Drive Frontier Model Forum's Director Appointment and $10M AI Fund

Thursday October 26, 2023,

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The Frontier Model Forum, a collaborative industry endeavor focusing on the safe and responsible progression of frontier AI models, has unveiled its inaugural Executive Director, Chris Meserole, and a groundbreaking AI Safety Fund with a substantial initial backing of over $10 million.

Chris Meserole, previously the Director of the Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technology Initiative at the prestigious Brookings Institution, is renowned for his insightful work on technology policy. His depth of knowledge in the governance and security of nascent technologies makes him apt for steering the Forum.

Meserole's role will center around magnifying AI safety research, standardising best safety practices, facilitating knowledge exchange among various stakeholders, and catalysing AI solutions for societal challenges. Expressing his enthusiasm, Meserole remarked, "Harnessing the immense potential of powerful AI models mandates an in-depth comprehension of their safe development and assessment. I'm eager to embark on this mission with the Frontier Model Forum."

Given the rapid strides in AI capabilities, there's a pressing need for pioneering academic research in AI safety. Addressing this, the Forum, together with philanthropic allies like the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation and Eric Schmidt, has initiated the AI Safety Fund. This venture, generously funded by tech giants such as Google and Microsoft, will empower independent researchers worldwide. The Fund's primary aim is to innovate evaluation methods and "red teaming" tactics to pinpoint potential threats in advanced AI systems, ensuring AI evolves safely.

Highlighting its commitment to fostering a collective understanding of AI safety, the Forum recently published shared definitions and best practices, laying the groundwork for future collaborative efforts. One noteworthy outcome is the universal definition of "red teaming" - a systematic procedure to spot vulnerabilities in AI systems and products. Furthermore, they're crafting a responsible disclosure process that allows AI labs to reveal vulnerabilities in AI models responsibly, safeguarding the global community.

The Frontier Model Forum plans to launch an Advisory Board to steer its trajectory. The AI Safety Fund is also set to announce its maiden call for proposals. The overarching goal remains the same: harness AI's immense potential while prioritising its safe development and application.

For continuous updates on the Forum's advancements, keep an eye on their official website.

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