CoinDCX presents Unfold 2023, India's premier Web3 event

CoinDCX, a leading crypto assets and Web3 company, is thrilled to announce the second edition of Unfold , from October 19 to October 21, 2023, at Karnataka Trade Promotion Organisation (KTPO), Bangalore.

CoinDCX presents Unfold 2023,  India's premier Web3 event

Friday October 13, 2023,

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In the ever-evolving landscape of crypto assets, blockchain technology, and decentralised finance (DeFi), there's an event that stands out for innovation, collaboration, and opportunity.

CoinDCX is thrilled to unveil the second edition of Unfold 2023, India's most awaited and largest Web3 event.

Unfold 2023 is not just an event; it's a vision brought to life. CoinDCX has designed this platform to empower developers, entrepreneurs, regulators, and enthusiasts to shape the future of decentralised applications and blockchain solutions.

A stellar lineup of speakers and curated sessions

Unfold 2023 boasts a distinguished lineup of over 100 Web3 experts and thought leaders from across the globe. The roster includes Navin Gupta, Managing Director for South Asia & MENA at Ripple; Parth Chadha, Co-Founder and CEO of Stan; Zhen Yu Yong, Co-founder of Web3Aut; Sandeep Nailwal, Co-founder Polygon; Kaavya Prasad, Founder, Lumos Labs; Jesse Pollak, Founder, Base Protocol; Mo Shaikh, Founder, Aptos; Emin Gun Sirer, Founder of Avalanche; Paul Veradittakit, Managing Partner -Pantera Capital; Ola Younis Doudin Co-founder and CEO, BitOasis; Sumit Gupta Co-founder, CoinDCX; and Neeraj Khandelwal Co-founder, CoinDCX & Okto. These industry leaders will share invaluable insights.

Unfold 2023 offers meticulously curated speaker tracks and topics that span the entire Web3 spectrum. From discussions on scaling and crisis management to deep dives into complex Web3 concepts, there's something for everyone. The panel discussions and masterclasses offer a wealth of knowledge.

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Celebrating 'Made in India'

Unfold 2023 is dedicated to celebrating the innovation, ideas, products, and technologies of Made in India startups. It's a platform for indigenous startups to shine and integrate into the Web3 ecosystem.

The event transcends geographical boundaries, fostering cross-border collaborations and holding the potential for global impact.

For those seeking partnerships or funding, Unfold 2023 provides a unique opportunity to interact with top venture capital firms and angel investors. Entrepreneurs can leverage Demo Day at Unfold 2023 as a prime opportunity to showcase their ideas directly to influential Web3 investors, creating a promising avenue for potential funding and support.

Demo Day: A launchpad for Web3 innovators

Demo Day at Unfold 2023 is a launchpad for the next generation of Web3 entrepreneurs and innovators. This pivotal day provides startups with a golden opportunity to showcase their groundbreaking ideas directly to top Web3 investors and venture capital firms. With a staggering $1 million worth of funding up for grabs, Demo Day is where dreams become reality.

The platform not only offers publicity and recognition but also fosters invaluable connections, mentorship, and the financial support needed to turn visionary concepts into thriving Web3 realities. Demo Day is where innovation meets opportunity, and where the future of Web3 takes its shape.

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Hackathon extravaganza

Unfold 2023 is also home to an expansive multichain, multiprotocol hackathon, offering developers a chance to vie for bounties totalling $100,000. It's a valuable opportunity to craft practical solutions for real-world Web3 challenges.

What Makes Unfold'23 Hackathon a Unique Opportunity for you:

Career-Defining Opportunities: More than just a hackathon, this is your opportunity to secure internships and launch your career in the world of Web3.

Access to Unfold'23: Your hackathon pass isn't just a ticket; it's your passport to Unfold'23. Listen to 100+ Web3 leaders shaping the future. $100+ Worth Bounties up for grabs from partner protocols like Sui, Router, Push, Avalanche, Wormhole, and more.

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The first edition of Unfold in 2022 set a high standard, with over 1,500+ participants, 86 innovative Web3 projects (during the hackathon), and 10 entrepreneurs chosen from over 100 startups showcasing their ideas during Demo Day. This year, the event promises to exceed those expectations.

Unfold 2023 is a must-attend for anyone looking to dive into the dynamic world of Web3, blockchain, DeFi, and crypto assets.

Don't miss your chance to be part of this event. Register early at Unfold 2023 and join us on this incredible journey.