Google's Free Certification Courses: Learn & Excel

Empower your 2023 with 17 free Google courses in Python, AI, Marketing & more. Enroll now, learn essential skills, and earn your certification

Google's Free Certification Courses: Learn & Excel

Wednesday October 04, 2023,

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In 2023, Google is generously offering 17 free online courses paired with certification. These courses span various domains, providing a great opportunity for learners to acquire new skills without any financial investment.

Python Basics for Data Analysis:

Dive into Python, a versatile programming language, with a focus on data analysis. This course offers foundational knowledge for those venturing into data science and analysis fields.

Data Science Foundations:

Grasp the basics of data science, exploring its fundamental concepts and methodologies to kickstart a career in this dynamic sector.

Data Science with Python:

This course integrates Python programming with data science principles, presenting an engaging curriculum for aspiring data scientists.

Machine Learning Crash Course:

Designed for beginners, this course delivers a comprehensive introduction to machine learning concepts and best practices.

TensorFlow for Deep Learning:

Engage with TensorFlow, a popular open-source framework, to develop and train deep learning models effectively.

Building AI:

Gain insights into AI construction, exploring the intricate processes and techniques involved in developing intelligent systems.

Google Professional Workspace Administrator:

Master the skills needed to administer Google's Professional Workspace efficiently, enhancing your administrative and organisational capabilities.

Google IT Support Professional Certificate:

Acquire a professional certification in IT support, emphasising Google’s products and services.

Google IT Automation with Python:

Learn to automate IT tasks using Python, increasing efficiency and productivity in IT-related functions.

Reliable Google Cloud Infrastructure: Design and Process:

Understand the design principles and processes of Google Cloud infrastructure to create robust and dependable cloud solutions.

Preparing for Google Cloud Certification:

Prepare effectively for Google Cloud certification exams, increasing your chances of success with structured study and practice.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing:

This course imparts essential digital marketing skills, providing a foundation for successful online promotional activities.

Google Tag Manager Fundamentals:

Master Google Tag Manager's fundamental aspects, facilitating efficient tracking and management of tags on your website.

Google’s Python Class:

Enhance your Python programming skills with this class that covers both basic and advanced topics.

Google AI:

Immerse yourself in AI, learning from Google’s expertise and innovative approach in developing artificial intelligence solutions.

Google Ads Certifications:

Acquire certification in Google Ads, showcasing your expertise in utilising this powerful advertising platform.

Google Ads Video Certification:

Specialise in video advertising with Google Ads, learning to create compelling and effective video marketing campaigns.

Google’s 17 free courses for 2023 are invaluable resources for learners seeking to develop or sharpen their skills in various fields. With certification included, participants not only gain knowledge but also receive recognition for their efforts and accomplishments. Enroll today and embark on a journey of continuous learning and development with Google.

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