Meet the Woman Leading Rs 7000 Cr Firm, Facing Ambani, Tata, PepsiCo, CocaCola

Get acquainted with Jayanti Chauhan, the resilient heiress of Bisleri International. With a keen eye for business and design, she navigates through challenges, carving a niche in a competitive industry

Meet the Woman Leading Rs 7000 Cr Firm, Facing Ambani, Tata, PepsiCo, CocaCola

Tuesday October 10, 2023,

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Jayanti Chauhan, Vice Chairperson of Bisleri International, is a significant figure in the business landscape, leading a Rs 7000 crore empire. This businesswoman, educated at institutions like the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles and Istituto Marangoni Milano, initially hesitated to join the family business. With degrees in various fields, including Product Development, Fashion Styling, Fashion Photography and Arabic, Jayanti, who grew up in New York, Delhi, and Mumbai, initially pursued internships at leading fashion houses before joining Bisleri at 24.

Rising Through Challenges: Jayanti's Leadership Journey

Jayanti's entry into Bisleri International wasn't smooth. Her father, Ramesh Chauhan, intended to sell the company to Tata Group due to his advancing age and the lack of a successor. Despite her initial reluctance, the failed deal with Tata became a turning point for Jayanti. She decided to embrace the challenge, taking charge and initiating significant transformations within the company.

Under Jayanti’s stewardship, Bisleri has witnessed noteworthy changes, including renovations, process automation, and department restructuring in the Delhi office, fostering a collaborative and efficient work environment. Known for her dynamic approach, she plays a pivotal role in new product development, branding, and marketing strategies, contributing to Bisleri’s revamped image and expanding product portfolio.

New Market Ventures: Challenging Industry Titans

The recent launch of new carbonated beverages, including Rev, Pop, and Spyci Jeera, marks Bisleri's foray into the soft drink market, posing a direct challenge to industry giants. Before Bisleri's entry, Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance had plans to launch its soft drinks under the brand Campa Cola, having acquired Pure Drinks Group. Jayanti's strategic move into the soft drink segment is seen as a direct response to Ambani's business maneuvers.

Simultaneously, the called-off deal with Tata Group prompted Tata to invest significantly in its mineral water brands, setting the stage for competition between Bisleri and Tata's own products, like Tata Copper+ and Himalayan.

A Force of Change: Jayanti's Multi-faceted Contributions

Jayanti, fondly known as JRC, has been a catalyst for change at Bisleri. She not only oversees operations for various products but is also the creative mind behind the company’s marketing campaigns, particularly on digital and social media platforms. With an eye for design and a business acumen refined through global exposure and diverse educational background, she is driving Bisleri towards new heights.

Jayanti Chauhan, with her innovative ideas and fearless approach to business challenges, has positioned Bisleri International as a formidable player in the market.