From Mumbai Shoe Shop to RS660 Crore Empire: The Man Behind Khadim's Remarkable Rise

From a simple Kolkata store, Khadim India soared to national acclaim, inspired by Satya Prasad Roy Burman's vision and tenacity

From Mumbai Shoe Shop to RS660 Crore Empire: The Man Behind Khadim's Remarkable Rise

Friday October 20, 2023,

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Born amidst the challenges of Kolkata, Satya Prasad Roy Burman never let adversity dictate his fate. Pursuing a brighter future, he ventured to Mumbai, where a brief stint in a shoe store added another chapter to his life story. This small chapter would soon inspire a saga.

1965 marked a significant turn. Back in Kolkata, Satya Prasad set up a modest store in Chitpur, previously known as KM Khadim. It was this humble establishment that would pave the way for the Khadim India legacy.

In the hustle and bustle of his shop, Satya Prasad sensed a market void. Customers craved footwear that was both economical and durable. Harnessing this insight, he introduced offerings that disrupted the market. The results were groundbreaking, making him the go-to shoe wholesaler in West Bengal and its surrounding regions.

The 1980s ushered in a golden era. Under this prosperous phase, Satya Prasad's son, Siddhartha Roy Burman, infused fresh energy into the enterprise. Together, they charted new territories, marking Tamil Nadu as their next destination.

Fast forward to today, Khadim India stands as a beacon of retail excellence with 853 stores spread across India. Its diverse sub-brands, like British Walkers and Cleo, cater to varied tastes.

Though Satya Prasad departed in 2013, his dream lived on. The brand forayed into digital spaces in 2014 and made waves in the stock market in 2017 with its impressive IPO.

Endorsed by CNBC as India's second-ranking retail footwear brand, Khadim India's accolades continue. The recent fiscal year saw 91 store additions, while revenue figures touched a commendable Rs 660 crores.

Khadim's ascend from a lone Chitpur store to a national magnate illustrates the magic of grit, foresight, and market acumen. Truly, an epic journey that stirs the soul of budding entrepreneurs.

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