Kabir Chandrakar: How an MBA Turned Guava Farms into Gold

MBA grad Kabir Chandrakar transformed family guava farming in Chhattisgarh, achieving nationwide acclaim and significant revenue

Kabir Chandrakar: How an MBA Turned Guava Farms into Gold

Friday October 13, 2023,

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In the vibrant landscapes of Mujgahan Village in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, an inspiring tale of innovation and dedication unfolds. Kabir Chandrakar, an MBA graduate in Corporate Finance from the University of Chester, had to make a crucial choice back in 2014. Would he stride down the corporate corridors or till the soil of his family's farming legacy? Kabir chose the latter, driven by an astute observation.

In 2011, Kabir's father dabbled in guava cultivation. However, high packaging expenses hindered the venture. Drawing from his academic knowledge and business acumen, Kabir recognised an opportunity. Instead of succumbing to the heavy costs, he imported essential packaging materials at much lower prices. This savvy move didn't just slash their own expenses; it also evolved into a lucrative business as Kabir sold these materials to other local farmers.

With the wind of encouragement from his kin and friends, Kabir poured his energies into expanding the family's guava enterprise. In a year, he augmented their cultivation space from six to 10 acres, availing a loan and subsidies from the National Horticulture Board (NHB). With an unwavering commitment, Kabir introduced superior guava saplings and integrated modern drip irrigation methods, ensuring minimal water wastage.

Today, the fruits of Kabir's labor are evident. The family's guava estate sprawls over a whopping 110 acres across three Chhattisgarh locations. The VNR Bihi guava, celebrated for its impressive yield and lasting freshness, is Kabir's crown jewel. Last year alone, the 32-year-old entrepreneur generated a revenue of Rs 2.50 Cr from just 40 acres. With newer plantations set to bear around 1,000 tonnes of fruit this year, he's eyeing a turnover nearing Rs 3 Cr.

AVM Guava, Kabir's esteemed produce, doesn't just grace local markets. It has carved a niche across India, from the North East to both Northern and Southern regions.

But Kabir's impact isn't confined to his own farms. He's also sowing seeds of knowledge by offering consultancy services to budding guava cultivators and fruit farming enthusiasts. Kabir Chandrakar, once an MBA student, is now Chhattisgarh's shining star in the agricultural arena, embodying the perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

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