Klarna Debuts AI Image Recognition for Seamless Shopping Experiences

Klarna introduces the Shopping Lens, an AI tool turning visual allure into instant purchases, alongside sustainability and convenience features

Klarna Debuts AI Image Recognition for Seamless Shopping Experiences

Friday October 13, 2023,

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The shopping experience as we know it is undergoing a transformation, and at the forefront of this change is Klarna. This AI-driven global payments network and shopping guide recently unveiled its latest offering: the Shopping Lens. This cutting-edge feature allows users to turn any visually appealing item around them into a potential purchase.

Have you ever walked past someone on the street, admiring their shoes, but had no idea where to get them? Klarna’s Shopping Lens is here to end that conundrum. With a quick snap of a picture, this tool can match the image with over 50 million offers available in Klarna’s extensive database. Whether it's prices, merchants, or customer reviews you’re after, Klarna has you covered.

The technology behind this innovation is rooted in Klarna's acquisition of PriceRunner, a renowned price comparison platform. Integrating the vast knowledge from PriceRunner, Klarna's Shopping Lens can convert images into search terms, seamlessly connecting the digital shopping realm with the physical world.

But that's not all. For shoppers who love a good deal, Klarna's integration with physical stores is a boon. By scanning product barcodes in select countries like the US, UK, and Germany, customers can quickly access in-depth details about products, including online price comparisons and reviews.

In line with their dedication to enhance the shopping experience, Klarna has introduced other exciting features. UK shoppers, for instance, can earn enticing cashbacks of up to 10% on their purchases, depending on their payment choices. The platform also offers an all-in-one sign-in solution, simplifying the login and checkout procedures.

Addressing the growing trend of sustainability in shopping, Klarna has made significant strides. With their Gift Card Store in partnership with Blackhawk Network, shoppers can choose from a plethora of gift cards from top-tier retailers. Conscious consumers can utilise Klarna’s sustainability search filters, zeroing in on products that align with third-party sustainability certifications. An exclusive dashboard dedicated to sustainable shopping further amplifies Klarna's commitment to the environment.

Further sweetening the deal, Klarna's latest features cater to charitable hearts with their Top Up donations feature, and the convenience of reselling purchased items directly through the app.

In essence, Klarna is not just reshaping the shopping experience; it's revolutionising it. With its latest features, it promises a fusion of technology, convenience, and sustainability, making shopping more intuitive and fulfilling than ever before.

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