Adidas Joins Moncler: Unveiling AI ‘Explorers’ & Exclusive NFTs

Moncler & Adidas launch a unique campaign with AI avatars, NFTs, and exclusive fashion pieces for an unmatched digital experience

Adidas Joins Moncler: Unveiling AI ‘Explorers’ & Exclusive NFTs

Tuesday October 03, 2023,

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Moncler, a renowned luxury outerwear label, has unveiled “The Art of Explorers,” a groundbreaking campaign heralding its alliance with Adidas Originals. This innovative initiative amalgamates AI-generated explorers, intricate mixed-media sculptures, an engaging digital realm, and a curated series of exclusive Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

This fresh and ambitious initiative symbolises a transformative moment, succeeding Moncler’s prior “Art of Genius” event in London last February, revealing the imminent partnership with Adidas for the first time. It puts on a display a series of artistic pieces, drawing inspiration from the Moncler x Adidas Originals collaborative line, with celebrated artists like Gary Card, Ibby Njoya, and Kate Tabor at the helm of creation.

Strategically juxtaposed with humans clad in pieces from the collaboration, the sculptures create a compelling visual narrative. However, there's a veil of mystery shrouding the identities of these figures, leaving observers speculating whether they're computer-generated or flesh and blood. The campaign’s aesthetic, conceived and brought to life by Ai Kamoshita, is further embellished with makeup and accessories, the brainchildren of Isamaya Ffrench and hairstylist Shirori Takahashi.

Takahashi, with meticulous craftsmanship, imbues each hairstyle with a unique identity, emphasising form, texture, and hue to amplify the distinct persona of each avatar. The ultimate objective is crafting looks that straddle the tangible and digital realms, presenting a riveting visual odyssey to viewers.

Upon landing on Moncler’s official web domain, visitors are immersed in a vibrant digital environment, echoing the dynamic urban landscapes previously showcased in the “Art of Genius” exhibition. Within this space, participants encounter a tapestry of sound, visual elements, and 3D animations, serving as a gateway to exclusive merchandise available for acquisition via electronic billboards.

A spotlight feature of the campaign is the introduction of limited-edition NFTs, epitomised by the Moncler x Adidas Originals NMD collaboration boot, available for access and acquisition through Moncler's immersive digital platform and the Adidas Confirmed application.

Marking a deeper incursion into the Web3 frontier, Moncler’s campaign follows the brand’s inaugural venture in October 2022, coinciding with its 70th-anniversary festivities. During this landmark event, 1,070 NFTs were launched in collaboration with the Web3 consumer engagement platform Arianee, featuring the artistic flair of 3D artist Antoni Tudisco.

Moncler’s “The Art of Explorers” is a testament to the brand's dedication to fostering cross-industry collaborations, engaging with titans in the fields of fashion, music, and automotive, including Pharrell Williams, Salehe Bembury, Roc Nation, and Mercedes Benz.

Fashion aficionados can look forward to the online release of the Moncler x Adidas Originals collection on October 4, with an in-store release following shortly after. Beyond offering exquisite fashion pieces, this collaboration promises an experiential journey, blending the physical and virtual, the authentic and the synthetic, providing a sneak peek into the future of fashion marketing and consumer engagement.

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