Ghoda Library: Nainital’s Roving Horse Brings Books to Kids!

In Nainital, a horse named Ghoda Library is not just carrying books but also hopes and dreams to villages, ensuring learning never stops for kids, even in crisis

Ghoda Library: Nainital’s Roving Horse Brings Books to Kids!

Monday October 02, 2023,

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Meet Ghoda Library, not a building, but a horse carrying books to kids in Nainital! With schools closed due to natural disasters, Shubham Badhani created this horseback library to ensure kids keep reading.

A Special Library:

When we think of libraries, we imagine big buildings full of books. Ghoda Library, however, is a horse that travels from village to village with books on its back. The idea came from Shubham Badhani, who wanted to help kids who couldn’t go to school because of frequent natural disasters in Uttarakhand.

Community Embraces Ghoda:

People in many Nainital villages welcomed Ghoda Library warmly. Villages like Alekh, Baghani, Bansi, and others have said yes to this new library style. Now, not only kids but also adults in these places enjoy reading the books that Ghoda brings.

National Praise:

Even India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about Ghoda Library in his radio program, Mann Ki Baat, praising this fantastic project. The Chief Minister of the state, Pushkar Singh Dhami, also liked how Ghoda was helping kids in 12 villages read more books, including school books, poetry, and stories.

Ghoda Library is a shining example of creativity and care for the community. With a horse and some books, Shubham Badhani has brought smiles, knowledge, and hope to many kids and adults in Nainital. In tough times, Ghoda continues to spread the joy of reading from one village to another.

During hard times, Ghoda Library offers hope and inspiration. With a horse carrying books, it brings education and happiness to people in Nainital’s remote areas. Ghoda Library is not just about books; it represents change and normalcy for many lives in Nainital. This story of a moving library is a symbol of resilience, creativity, and community spirit. It shows that even in difficult situations, knowledge and reading can thrive, lighting up the lives of many with education and joy.