Teen Transforms Maruti Into Mini Rolls Royce for rs45,000

Kerala's 18-year-old Hadif stunningly transforms a Maruti 800 into a luxurious Mini Rolls Royce with an astonishing budget of just rs45,000

Teen Transforms Maruti Into Mini Rolls Royce for rs45,000

Tuesday October 03, 2023,

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Eighteen-year-old Hadif from Kerala, a dedicated and passionate automobile enthusiast, has marvelously turned a vision into reality by transforming a humble Maruti 800 into a miniature version of the luxurious Rolls Royce, at a surprisingly low cost of ₹45,000. His endeavor reflects not only his deep passion for automobiles but also his remarkable skills and ingenuity in customising vehicles.

This young visionary embarked on this ambitious project at his residence, dedicating several months to completely overhaul and redesign the Maruti 800. Hadif meticulously worked on creating a new body kit, adjusting the interiors, and modifying the vehicle's front end. He introduced a new panel characterised by a bold, more substantial design, complete with a grille and headlights inspired by the iconic Rolls Royce, effectively mirroring the grandeur and elegance of the luxury vehicle.

Notably, every detail was closely considered, with Hadif even crafting a Rolls Royce-inspired logo for his car, a testament to his commitment and attention to detail in replicating the aesthetic and vibe of the renowned brand. The video documenting this exceptional transformation journey was shared on the YouTube channel 'Tricks Tube', quickly capturing the fascination of viewers and accumulating over 300,000 views.

Hadif’s transformation project is characterised by the innovative use of metal sheets, welding works, and components salvaged from other used vehicles. Each step of the modification process reveals his adeptness and competence in creating luxury vehicle replicas, highlighting a promising talent in the field of automobile customisation.

Before undertaking the Rolls Royce project, Hadif had successfully completed a modification project involving a Jeep powered by a motorcycle engine, further showcasing his versatility and expertise in vehicle customisation. Each project he undertakes is a clear exhibition of his growing skills and his enthusiasm for bringing his imaginative automobile concepts to life.

Hadif's impressive feat not only demonstrates the possibilities that passion coupled with skill can unlock but also serves as an inspiring tale for young automobile aficionados everywhere. The initiative and creativity shown by this young enthusiast offer a glimpse into the future of automobile customisation, spotlighting the potential and innovation that the next generation brings to the table. Through projects like these, young talents like Hadif are carving a niche for themselves, turning heads and setting the stage for more astonishing creations in the realm of automobile design and modification.

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