Kerala’s Thenga Coco: Recycling Coconut Shells into Rs. 7 Lakhs Monthly

Tracing the journey of Thenga Coco from a simple idea to a growing sustainable enterprise, making a mark in the eco-conscious market with its range of innovative, everyday products crafted from coconut waste.

Kerala’s Thenga Coco: Recycling Coconut Shells into Rs. 7 Lakhs Monthly

Thursday October 26, 2023,

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In the heart of Kerala, nestled amidst the lush coconut groves of Thrissur, Maria Kuriakose embarked on a pioneering venture that materialised into the eco-conscious startup, Thenga Coco. Established in 2019, this burgeoning enterprise is making waves in the sustainable market by repurposing discarded coconut shells into a range of eco-friendly daily use products and ornamental items.

The genesis of Thenga Coco traces back to Maria's profound desire to contribute to environmental sustainability. Leaving a promising career as an Administration Specialist in Mumbai, she embraced the uncertainty that came with entrepreneurship. Her journey began during a visit to a local coconut processing unit, where she noticed the ubiquitous discarding or burning of coconut shells. This observation stirred her curiosity and propelled her to delve into the potential uses of coconut husk and shells.

Her investigation revealed a narrow utilisation scope, as the primary value-added products from these materials were handicrafts, often priced steeply due to the intricate craftsmanship required. However, Maria envisioned a broader application spectrum, targeting the creation of everyday use items that could seamlessly integrate into households while championing the cause of sustainability.

With Thenga Coco, she commenced the production of utilitarian items such as cups, saucers, soap dishes, and cutlery. Despite the challenges posed by the manufacturing process, Maria's endeavors didn't necessitate the artisanal expertise typically associated with coconut shell craftsmanship. This strategic approach not only made the products more accessible but also significantly reduced the price point, making it attractive to a wider consumer base.

In just over two years, Thenga Coco has witnessed an encouraging growth trajectory, now boasting monthly sales of 4,000 to 5,000 coconut shell products. As reported by India Times, the startup's revenue oscillates around Rs 7-8 lakhs, showcasing a promising outlook.

Maria's mission transcends beyond mere commerce. She aspires to foster a culture of eco-responsibility, urging individuals to pivot towards sustainable product choices. Amidst a global shift towards environmental consciousness, Thenga Coco's initiative resonates with the burgeoning demand for sustainable goods.

As Thenga Coco continues to flourish, plans are afoot to expand its product array and production capacity to meet the escalating demand. Maria's venture stands as a testimony to innovation driven by a cause, demonstrating that with a blend of vision and perseverance, sustainability and entrepreneurship can indeed go hand in hand.