Abu Dhabi Launches AI71, Posing Challenge to OpenAI's Dominance

AI71 marks a new chapter in UAE's tech journey, fostering partnerships with giants like Amazon and PwC, and targeting advancements in medical, legal, and educational fields.

Abu Dhabi Launches AI71, Posing Challenge to OpenAI's Dominance

Tuesday November 28, 2023,

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Abu Dhabi has launched AI71, a new AI-focused company, aiming to establish itself as a global technology hub. AI71, developed by Abu Dhabi's Advanced Technology Research Council and built on the Falcon large language models, aims to democratise access to AI and cater to sectors like medical, legal, education, and government​​. The initiative reflects Abu Dhabi's ambition to be a key player in shaping the future of AI globally​​

AI71 has already forged partnerships with local and international entities, including Amazon Web Services, PwC, and CNTXT, a Saudi Aramco-backed venture. These collaborations highlight the company's global outlook and commitment to integrating AI across various sectors​​. This move comes in the wake of the AI industry's growth, spurred by technologies like ChatGPT from OpenAI, and positions the UAE as a strong competitor in the global AI race​​.

The Technology Innovation Institute has previously launched other significant AI models like the Falcon flagship LLM and Noor, the world's largest Arabic natural language model at its launch, indicating the UAE's ongoing investment in generative AI technologies​​. AI71 emphasises the importance of data privacy and client control over their data, addressing key concerns in the era of AI​​.

AI71's launch is a strategic move by Abu Dhabi to become a leading player in the global AI industry, competing with major AI developers like OpenAI. With its focus on democratising AI access and building partnerships across various sectors and regions, AI71 represents a significant step forward in the UAE's technology and AI ambitions.

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