5 books for entrepreneurs to build successful businesses

From prioritising tasks to achieving sustainable growth, learn the secrets of success. Start reading now!

5 books for entrepreneurs to build successful businesses

Monday November 13, 2023,

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There are millions of individuals who venture into entrepreneurship every year, with an aspiration to turn their passion into a profitable business. However, regrettably, many of these fresh entrepreneurs face failure within the initial five years.

Why you ask? Well, as we all know entrepreneurship is not an easy journey, it’s filled with multiple challenges. So to succeed in such an endeavour requires skills like the openness to learn and adapt as well as preparedness to face the highs and lows associated with it, and not everyone possesses it.

How one can acquire such skills, then? Reading books written by experienced entrepreneurs and business experts can be a great way to gain invaluable insights and knowledge.

However, we understand that shortlisting from thousands of options is not an easy task and if you are already into this journey, there is a high chance you are short in time. To make things less complicated, we've compiled a list of the top five books for you to consider and start off quickly. So, let's hop into it!

The One Thing by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan

The first on the list is The One Thing by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan. The emphasis of this book is on single-minded focus and prioritisation and their importance in achieving success. A practical framework to identify and prioritise the most crucial task is also provided in this.

In the competitive world of entrepreneurship, where the expectations from an entrepreneur are increasing every minute, prioritising the right things becomes extremely crucial. In that regard, this book guides you in finding your true priorities by offering a clear and actionable strategy.

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

The second on the recommendation is Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. This is a memoir that offers an insight into Nike’s journey, one of the world's most iconic and successful brands. From the intimate details about the company's early struggles and financial challenges to the relentless pursuit of a vision, this read will cover it all. 

Moreover, if you own a business this firsthand account of the entrepreneurial spirit and the resilience required to build a global business empire can be of great value. Consider this if you are willing to know the harsh realities of entrepreneurship as well as learn different ways to tackle it, 

Scaling Up by Verne Harnish

Third is Scaling Up by Verne Harnish, it’s a must-read for you if are struggling to navigate the complexities of growth in your business. Various aspects of scaling, including people, strategy, execution, and cash are covered in this book.

This book is no doubt an invaluable resource for those looking to achieve sustainable growth and optimise their business operations but at the same time be able to maintain focus and adaptability. 

Zero to One by Peter Thiel

Fourth on the list is Zero to One by Peter Thiel, a co-founder of PayPal and an influential Silicon Valley investor. In this book, he encourages entrepreneurs to pursue unique and new ideas instead of copy-pasting existing ones.

It can be a great read for entrepreneurs as it encourages them to think outside of the box by emphasising the importance of creating a "monopoly" to achieve success.

Good to Great by Jim Collins

Last but not least, Good to Great by Jim Collins is a must if you wish to explore the traits and strategies that not only make a company great but sustain that greatness over the long period. 

This book can act as a roadmap for you in this journey of creating and maintaining a high-performing business. One can gain a deeper understanding of the unique qualities of successful businesses by applying the principles in their business and learning from the case studies.


For entrepreneurs looking to build and grow successful businesses, these five books can be a good start to achieving the diverse insights and knowledge required. Hence, reading and applying the lessons from these books can be game-changing for your entrepreneurial journey. 

So, pick up a book that best matches your needs, start reading, and take the first step toward building and growing a successful business of yours. Remember, that the knowledge you get is power only if applied in real life, mere knowledge won’t take you far in the world of entrepreneurship.