How MathWorks is fuelling innovation and powering startup success across diverse industries

As a leading developer of mathematical computing software, MathWorks solutions have gained widespread acceptance and adoption across various industries, specifically by organisations that value cutting-edge technology and innovative tools.

How MathWorks is fuelling innovation and powering startup success across diverse industries

Monday November 27, 2023,

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MathWorks is driven by the vision to accelerate progress in engineering and science through cutting-edge tools and solutions. Its primary goal is to empower engineers and scientists to address intricate challenges, enhance productivity, and foster technological breakthroughs. MathWorks extends its commitment to education beyond industry support by offering resources and assistance to students and educators.

The company also plays a pivotal role in assisting established organisations and startups in their journey from ideation to prototyping, production, and eventual scalability.

Our tools enable startups to accelerate product development, validate ideas, and expedite market entry. We support them in optimising performance, solving complex problems, and focusing on core expertise. Whether it's simulating EV operations, designing aircraft, developing medical devices, or analysing healthcare data, MathWorks is committed to assisting startups through custom programmes and partnerships, fostering innovation with a meaningful impact on both technical and societal levels,” shares Prashant Rao, Director of Application Engineering, MathWorks India.

Thriving sectors

India's industrial landscape is evolving rapidly, with varying sectors showcasing remarkable growth rates. In the electric vehicle (EV) industry the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 66.52% from 2022 to 2030 reflects the nation's robust push towards sustainable mobility. Simultaneously, the industrial automation sector is charting its course with a 11.17% CAGR during the forecast period from 2023 to 2028, showcasing the increasing adoption of advanced technologies.

The aero defence industry has also been soaring. The steady rise in the med tech field underscores India's growing commitment to healthcare innovation. These growth rates exemplify the dynamic nature of India's business landscape and the opportunities it offers for diverse sectors.

How MathWorks is fuelling innovation and powering startup success across diverse industries

Why should startups choose MathWorks?

In addition to a competitive pricing model and complimentary technical support, MathWorks provides an extensive array of benefits.

  • Comprehensive toolset: MathWorks offers a wide-ranging toolkit covering modelling, simulation, control system design, and data analysis for streamlined development and optimisation.
  • Industry-specific solutions: Tailored solutions for sectors like EV, industrial automation, aerospace, and medical devices, with domain-specific capabilities and models.
  • Collaboration and support: Active collaboration with startups, offering technical support, training resources, and access to a vibrant user community for overcoming technical challenges.
  • Integration and interoperability: MATLABⓇ and SimulinkⓇ seamlessly integrate with industry-standard software and hardware, facilitating smooth workflows, third-party library usage, and hardware interaction.
  • Scalability and performance: MATLABⓇ and SimulinkⓇ are renowned for scalability and performance, enabling startups to handle large-scale simulations, data analysis, and real-time control systems without limitations.
  • Continuous innovation: MathWorks keeps startups ahead with frequent updates, new features, and toolboxes aligned with emerging industry trends, ensuring access to cutting-edge tools for growth.

How are MathWorks tools being used for rapid progress in innovation?


Richard Davis, Lead System Architect and Founding Partner of EV Startup, Exponent Energy, shares how MATLABⓇ has been instrumental in the company’s journey.

The startup suite offered by MathWorks jump-started a paradigm shift in how we approach product development. The level of seamless integration across tools in the MATLABⓇ ecosystem, coupled with the continued support the Mathworks team extended, enabled us to unlock a remarkable pace of hardware development with a small team of engineers..

By employing Model-Based Design, Exponent Energy swiftly developed a proof of concept (PoC) for a 400V electric vehicle (EV) battery pack and a high-speed charger capable of fully charging the battery in 15 minutes. This reduction in the development timeline allowed Exponent Energy to showcase its technology to potential investors sooner, instilling confidence in the product and positioning the company as a leader in a competitive market.

Exponent Energy's breakthrough technology enables batteries to reach a full charge in 15 minutes while retaining over 80% of their capacity after 3,000 cycles.

Aerospace and Defense

In the aerospace and defence sectors, organisations rely on MathWorks software for modelling, simulation, and control system design to develop advanced aircraft and defence systems.

RangeAero, a startup based in Bengaluru, India, is tackling logistical challenges by harnessing innovative technology, ranging from small sidewalk robots for last-mile deliveries to large aerial cargo vehicles for heavier payloads earlier in the supply chain. The organisation has developed a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft capable of precisely delivering 100-kg packages, bridging the gap in heavy payload logistics for shorter distances.

To ensure success, RangeAero utilised a systems engineering approach, making accurate projections and simulating performance in various scenarios. The organisation credits the MathWorks Application Engineering team for providing valuable assistance in learning and applying the necessary tools for complex applications, which made the development process smoother and more efficient.

Simulation in Simulink provided the RangeAero development team ample opportunity to refine designs, apply different specifications, accurately test prototypes, and validate the overall design.

Industrial automation

In essence, these programming environments significantly contribute to industrial automation by providing comprehensive tools for modelling, control, testing, and optimisation, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and adaptability of production processes.

MATLABⓇ and SimulinkⓇ play a pivotal role in addressing the increasing complexity of modern production equipment and the growing demand for enhanced flexibility in industrial automation and machinery. Engineers in this field utilise model-based design to:

  • Design and test machine controls and supervisory logic.
  • Conduct automated tests on equipment functions.
  • Develop artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms for predictive maintenance and operational optimisation.

Explore how MATLABⓇ and SimulinkⓇ can empower startups to create digital twins for predictive maintenance, integrate AI into industrial automation solutions, and employ simulation for system or plant modelling before real-world implementation.


Healthcare and pharmaceutical industries have embraced MATLABⓇ and SimulinkⓇ for research and development in areas like medical imaging, drug discovery, and patient data analysis.

Rama Krishna, CTO of SS Innovations, relies on MATLABⓇ for developing and testing advanced algorithms within the constraints of complex electromechanical systems. MATLABⓇ plays a crucial role in simulation, enabling the exploration of multi-body dynamics and data interpretation.

At SS Innovations, Krishna created numerous models for robotic surgical systems, such as robot workspace analysis, robotic joint friction models, and friction compensation using estimation and machine learning techniques.

I've been using MATLABⓇ and its toolboxes for a decade now. It is instrumental throughout the product development lifecycle for medical and surgical robotics. MATLABⓇ supports tasks like data analysis, algorithm development, and machine learning,” he shares.

Accelerating startup success

MathWorks is an invaluable ally for startups across critical sectors, offering a powerful arsenal of tools tailored to industry needs. Its commitment to collaboration, seamless integration, scalability, and innovation makes the company the go-to partner for startups. By harnessing MathWorks resources, startups can expedite development, conquer technical hurdles, and efficiently pursue their growth ambitions.

Learn more about Model-based Design for Startups, and get up to speed on moving ideas from development to prototype!

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