From Auto Driver to Beverage Baron: Sathya Shankar's Rs. 800cr Story

Discover Sathya Shankar's inspiring journey from driving an auto-rickshaw in Bengaluru to founding the Rs 800 crore valued Bindu Jeera Masala Soda.

From Auto Driver to Beverage Baron: Sathya Shankar's Rs. 800cr Story

Monday November 13, 2023,

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In the bustling streets of Bengaluru, Karnataka, a story of remarkable entrepreneurial spirit unfolds, centered around Sathya Shankar, the creator of the iconic "Bindu Jeera Masala Soda." This article delves into Shankar's journey, tracing his path from humble beginnings to becoming a titan in the Indian beverage industry.

Early Inspirations and Humble Beginnings

Sathya Shankar's roots lie in the agrarian community of Bellare village near Puttur. His story is not one of inherited wealth or resources but one of sheer grit and determination. Deeply influenced by the success of Dhirubhai Ambani, Shankar began his entrepreneurial journey in an unexpected field - as an auto-rickshaw driver. This venture, supported by a government self-employment program, was just the first step in what would become a remarkable career.

The Transition to Business

In just a year, Shankar showcased his business acumen by paying off his auto loan, a testament to his hard work and financial savvy. His ambition soon led him to upscale from an auto-rickshaw to an ambassador car. However, Shankar was not content with just being a taxi driver. By 1987, he had transitioned into the automobile garage industry and eventually established a tire dealership. These ventures laid the foundation for his future success, demonstrating his ability to adapt and grow in diverse business environments.

The Birth of Bindu Jeera Soda

The turning point for Shankar came with a seemingly innocuous visit to North India in 2002. It was here that the idea for Bindu Jeera Soda was born, a unique beverage inspired by the local flavors of jeera (cumin seed). Shankar saw the potential in this distinctive taste, and with a vision to innovate, he introduced Bindu Jeera Masala to the market.

Meteoric Rise of SG Corporates

Starting with a modest investment of Rs 35 Lakhs in 2001, Shankar's company, SG Corporates, experienced an exponential growth. By 2006, the turnover had escalated to Rs 6 Crores, and the growth trajectory continued upward. In 2010, SG Corporates achieved a remarkable milestone by crossing the Rs 100 crore revenue mark. This achievement was not just a personal victory for Shankar but a significant event in the Indian beverage industry.

Global Expansion and Legacy

The year 2015 marked a new chapter for Bindu Jeera, as the company ventured into international markets, exporting to countries like the UAE, Singapore, and Malaysia. Today, with a staggering valuation of Rs 800 crore, Bindu Jeera Masala Soda stands as a testament to Shankar's vision and entrepreneurial genius.