Experience Next-Gen Riding with BMW Smartglasses

BMW Motorrad's ConnectedRide Smartglasses blend innovation with comfort, offering a safer, customisable riding experience

Experience Next-Gen Riding with BMW Smartglasses

Tuesday December 05, 2023,

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In an exciting turn of events that seems ripped from the pages of a futuristic novel, BMW Motorrad has introduced an innovative creation that is set to revolutionise the motorcycling world: the ConnectedRide Smartglasses. Far from being ordinary motorcycle goggles, these smartglasses represent a significant leap into the future of motorcycling, merging innovation with the thrill of riding in an unprecedented way.

Imagine having all vital information - like navigation, speed, and gear - not just at your fingertips, but displayed right before your eyes in real time. This is the magic of the ConnectedRide Smartglasses. Borrowing the advanced head-up display technology commonly seen in cars, BMW Motorrad has transformed these goggles into a dynamic interface, offering riders a safer and more anticipatory riding experience.

These smartglasses stand out for their connectivity and customisation options. Designed to work seamlessly with your smartphone, they allow riders to adjust the projection and settings effortlessly, either before starting their journey or while on the move, with a simple touch on the handlebars. The design is thoughtfully tailored for motorcyclists, ensuring comfort across long rides and compatibility with various helmets and face shapes. With a battery life of up to ten hours on a single charge, these smartglasses are more than just a gadget; they are a reliable companion for every journey.

BMW Motorrad has also considered diverse needs by including two types of lenses to suit different lighting conditions and personal preferences. Moreover, for those who require prescription lenses, an RX adapter is available, making these glasses as inclusive as they are technologically advanced.

Diving into the details, these smartglasses come in two sizes to accommodate different facial structures. They feature real-time GPS data transfer, head-up navigation, and a display that provides crucial riding information, all encased within a stylish anthracite frame.

The introduction of the ConnectedRide Smartglasses is not just an upgrade in motorcycle accessories; it marks a new, exciting chapter in the journey of BMW Motorrad, paving the way for a future where technology and motorcycling are seamlessly intertwined.

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