Prime Video’s Mission Start Ab puts the spotlight on the world of entrepreneurship

Explore the extraordinary journey of 10 startups navigating challenges in Prime Video's Mission Start Ab, a groundbreaking series providing an unfiltered view into the realities of building India's next unicorn.

Prime Video’s Mission Start Ab puts the spotlight on the world of entrepreneurship

Wednesday December 20, 2023,

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The entrepreneurial landscape is rife with challenges, where nearly 90% of startups find themselves teetering on the brink of failure. This alarming statistic sets the stage for a gripping exploration of the intricacies of startup survival.

In India, the unicorn phenomenon unfolds with paradoxical proportions. Despite the nation boasting 115 unicorn startups, a mere 17, constituting less than 15%, manage to turn a profit. This enigma raises critical questions about the viability and sustainability of India's startup ecosystem.

‘Mission Start Ab’: Unveiling entrepreneurial realities

Mission Start Ab, launched on December 19, 2023, emerges as a groundbreaking series hosted by Masaba Gupta and Cyrus Sahukar. Developed in collaboration with the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India, Mission Start Abexplores the journey of these visionary start-ups as they battle it out for funding, in a bid to become the next unicorn.

Exclusive to Prime Video across 240+ countries, Mission Start Ab is a captivating saga where 10 entrepreneurs vie for mentorship and funding from industry stalwarts Kunal Bahl, Anisha Singh, and Manish Chowdhary. The series not only entertains but also provides an unfiltered view into the trials and triumphs of building the next unicorn.

Meet the challengers: Diverse startup profiles

The startups featured in the series span a spectrum of industries and visions. From Basis, empowering women in financial decision-making, to Spur, providing omnichannel solutions for ecommerce stores, each startup contributes a unique piece to the entrepreneurial mosaic.

Series highlights: Masaba, Cyrus, and industry heavyweights

Masaba Gupta and Cyrus Sahukar, the hosts of Mission Start Ab, bring a fresh and engaging perspective to the series. Their co-hosting dynamic is a key highlight, infusing the show with a unique energy.

Mission Start Ab serves as a window into the harsh realities faced by founders, offering viewers a realistic portrayal of the entrepreneurial journey. The series emphasises not only the founders' approaches but also the challenges they encounter in the real business world.

A noteworthy aspect of the series is the entry of India's top three investors into the entertainment industry. This move adds a layer of credibility and industry insight, marking a significant collaboration between finance and entertainment.

The series features special cameos from industry leaders such as Ritesh Agarwal (OYO), Rohit Shetty (Filmmaker), Riyaaz Amlani (Impresario Entertainment Hospitality), Zeenah Vilcassim (Zomato Live Entertainment), Nilesh Kothari (Trifecta Capital), and Saikiran Krishnamurthy (xto10x Technologies). Their insights and interactions contribute depth to the entrepreneurial narrative.

Insights from the challenges: Navigating complex scenarios

The founders' journey kicks off with a challenge as soon as they land in Mumbai. The "Critics Se Tick" challenge demands that founders turn critics' scepticism into affirmation. Their ability to navigate this challenge becomes a pivotal factor in determining their fate in the series.

Throughout the series, top performers in challenges earn immunity from the bottom three, providing a safety net. This format adds a competitive edge, rewarding excellence and creating a dynamic environment for the founders.

As the series reaches its finale, the investors pose challenging scenarios, including options of debt and coupon vouchers versus the equity model. The climax tests the founders' abilities to navigate complex situations and convince investors in a short timeframe, offering a glimpse into the strategic decision-making crucial for startup survival.

Concluding the entrepreneurial odyssey

In the closing moments of the series, Kunal Bahl acknowledges the lasting impressions left by the founders, investors, and hosts. The series concludes with a salute to Bharat and a cheer for India's thriving startup ecosystem. The impactful journey showcased in Mission Start Ab stands as a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of a new India, where dreams can turn into billion-dollar realities.

Watch to find out which startup emerges victorious in this intense entrepreneurial challenge. Mission Start Ab is a journey into the heart of entrepreneurship, showcasing the resilience and innovation that fuel India's startup spirit.