Protect your digital identity and data with Affinidi. Here’s how

Are you ready to take control of your digital identity? Affinidi lets you discover, collect store, share, and even monetise your data.

Protect your digital identity and data with Affinidi. Here’s how

Thursday December 14, 2023,

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Think of managing your online identity like trying to find your way through a big, busy city with just a paper map. It's quite a challenge, isn't it? In today's world, we all juggle accounts on countless websites, making it harder to keep tabs on our digital selves. We are gradually losing control over our own data. Just like we struggle to navigate a modern city with an outdated map, our current system for managing digital identities is becoming increasingly inadequate. It is clear that it's time for a major update on how we can manage our online identity.

Centralised and Federated Identity Models have long been the standard in managing our online data. In these models, individuals access digital services by logging in, either directly or through a third-party system trusted by the service. However, this method has its flaws, primarily relying on passwords, which create vulnerabilities for our data. To address these issues, the Trust Over IP Foundation was established in 2020. This global open-source project underscores the importance of digital credentials as a crucial solution to the limitations of existing systems.

Digital Credentials are fundamental to Decentralised Identity Management systems, an emerging new approach where you can independently take control of your digital identity, without depending on a central authority. This shift introduces an additional layer of security for your data, paving the way for a resilient digital future.

Affinidi, a technology startup, is stepping up to offer identity management solutions based on decentralised principles. Affinidi empowers individuals to take control of their data in a way that aligns with their preferences and values, enabling privacy and driven by consent. 

Revolutionising Digital Identity: Introducing Affinidi's Holistic Identity and Trust Network

Building on the foundation of secure identity management solutions, Affinidi introduces the concept of 'holistic identity', dedicating itself to creating a world where digital identities are both secure and trusted, with individuals having full ownership and control over their data. At the heart of this user-centric approach is the Affinidi Trust Network, which enables developers to integrate secure authentication and identity management solutions that adhere to open standards and decentralised identity management principles, including the use of OID4VP (OpenID for Verifiable Presentations), which simplifies the process of securely sharing verifiable information online. This enables users to take charge of their data, starting with seamless, passwordless authentication using Affinidi Login.

Affinidi Vault further enhances this experience by empowering users to securely store their data on their own devices. The vault’s passkey is accessible only to the user, ensuring complete control over the data’s accessibility. This approach not only makes digital interactions private but also secure. To simplify the user experience, they also offer a private AI personal assistant, Affinidi Concierge, which further optimises and manages the use of users' stored data.

Verifiable Credentials and Presentations in Decentralised Identity Management

Expanding upon these core concepts and principles, the incorporation of Verifiable Credentials (VCs) and Verifiable Presentations (VPs) is crucial in reshaping how digital identities are owned, controlled, and shared. Understanding the nuances and applications of VCs and VPs is essential in leveraging their full potential for decentralised identity management.

VCs provide critical infrastructure, giving individuals ownership and control over their identity data. VPs, on the other hand, facilitate the secure transmission of these credentials, ensuring selective sharing of verified information with trusted parties. This enhances the overall security, privacy, and efficiency of identity management.

Through the Affinidi Trust Network, developers are equipped to harness the capabilities of VCs and VPs, enabling the creation of privacy-focused applications. It integrates data from multiple authoritative sources, ensures the integrity of data custody, and enables individuals to provide consent for data sharing while verifying the identities of all parties involved. This establishes end-to-end trust in data and fosters a privacy-preserving and enriching data exchange experience.

Decentralised identity management empowers users to reclaim control of their online data, safeguarding it from unauthorised access. The Affinidi Trust Network offers the necessary technology and tools for a secure online presence, making it an ideal starting point for those eager to manage their digital identities proactively.

To begin this journey of data empowerment, click here or visit to learn more about Holistic Identity and Affinidi Trust Network.