Jingle all the way to success: 6 entrepreneurial tips from Santa

Since the 3rd century, Santa's gift distribution business has thrived without a single rebrand. if he can maintain this North Pole empire for centuries, there’s got to be a lesson or two in there for budding entrepreneurs.

Jingle all the way to success: 6 entrepreneurial tips from Santa

Monday December 25, 2023,

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Who'd have thought the OG entrepreneur existed way before the term was coined? Meet the ultimate entrepreneur– no, it's not Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg, or Elon Musk, it's the big, bearded, red, old man, Santa Claus. This old man is pioneering the industry long before the concept recorded history!

Since the 3rd century, Santa's gift distribution business has thrived without a single rebrand. Even the most established companies in Silicon Valley envy that staying power!

His omnipresent global reach in December is unmatched. His branding? Iconic red suit, white beard, and that belly, all trademarked by centuries of tradition.

Santa’s practically the ultimate marketing guru. Kids and adults worldwide eagerly anticipate his annual visit. But here’s the kicker–it’s not just magic and myth; it's entrepreneurial finesse that keeps his sleigh flying high.

In this piece, we're taking a page out of Santa's secret notebook. Because if he can maintain this North Pole empire for centuries, there’s got to be a lesson or two in there for budding entrepreneurs. So grab your hot cocoa and plum cake and let's unwrap the secrets behind Santa's sleigh-ful of entrepreneurial wisdom!

Missed deadlines = broken promises = surefire way to make people dislike you

Santa with his big red sack

Santa's coming!

Deadlines aren’t just dates on a calendar, they're promises. Santa doesn't show up on December 26 with a sack full of excuses, and neither should entrepreneurs. Your deadline isn’t negotiable, it's the mark of your commitment.

Procrastination is always the arch-enemy of progress. It leads to two things– either forgetting about the task or rushing through it last minute, sacrificing quality.

Entrepreneurial rule number one–respect the deadline. Stick to it like glue. It’s not just about time management; it’s about integrity. When you don't meet your commitments, you're eroding trust –the cornerstone of any business relationship.

So, entrepreneurs, take a leaf from Santa’s book. Respect your deadlines, keep your word, and watch trust and success snowball your way.

A stellar team is the secret sauce behind success

Santa with his team of reindeers

That's what you call a team!

It’s a universal truth–behind every remarkable leader stands an exceptional team.

Similarly, Santa’s not a one-man show; he’s the frontman of an efficient team of elves, and let’s face it, Christmas wouldn’t happen without them. 

As an entrepreneur or business leader, the weight of the world may feel like it's squarely on your shoulders. But here's the scoop–delegation is your superpower. Just like Santa can't be Santa without his trusty elves, find the right talent to entrust with tasks, and voilà, you're free to steer the ship toward your business growth vision.

Oh, and let's not forget Santa's gratitude game. Milk and cookies for the team, carrots for the reindeer – it’s a masterclass in appreciation.

It’s all about marketing, baby!

Santa's long list of customers

Yes, your name's there!

Santa Claus’ secret to reigning over the Christmas Empire isn't just the toys; it's about creating raving fans, fostering trust, and becoming the epitome of reliability. That's top-tier marketing savvy right there.

When Mr. Claus set out on his yearly escapade, he aimed high. Talk about a massive market– approximately 2.2 billion potential customers worldwide, with no boundaries of age, gender, or race, everyone's after his products! Even if not every kid believes in Santa, one in five still does. That's a market any entrepreneur would love to tap into.

For startup founders, understanding your customers and their desires? That's the crux of marketing. It's the blueprint to craft a brand that's as iconic as Santa's red suit.

Why does your business need this? Simple. To thrive, you need a sizable, focused market. Segment them, prioritise the loyal ones, and always, always listen to what they want.

As Derek Sivers, the brains behind CD Baby, wisely said, “The single most important thing is to make people happy. If you are making people happy, as a side effect, they will be happy to open up their wallets and pay you.”

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Commitment: go big or go home!

Santa Claus climbing a mountain

He can climb up the moon for you!

Santa’s not about halfway measures–he's the king of delivering on promises. There are no disappointed kids on his watch! 

Just as Santa's all-in on gift delivery, entrepreneurs need that same level of dedication. Foggy Christmas Eves or Bumbles on the loose, excuses don’t work. Your word is your bond. Deliver on your promises, regardless of the challenges. That's how Santa earned his reputation, and it’s how you'll build yours.

So, don't settle for halfway efforts. Take a leaf out of Santa's book– remember, it’s all about being reliable, staying true to your commitments, and aiming for the stars.

Reward good behaviour for brand-building

Santa Claus with a kid

Be a good kid to get good gifts!

Pause for a second and ponder over your company's core values. Are they as admirable as Santa's naughty-or-nice ethos? If they are, take a peek at your recent track record. Consistency is key. Customers notice when your actions align with your beliefs –it's a trust-builder, believe it or not.

Entrepreneurs can also sleigh their brand-building game with the same tactic! If a customer goes above and beyond, it's time to show some love.

Did a customer go on a shopping spree? Give them a discount or a little extra surprise. A special present or a heartfelt 'thank you' mail can work wonders.

Stand out from the crowd or disappear

Santa Claus saying Ho! Ho!

Santa's not your average next-door old man who wakes up before the sun and groans about the country’s falling economy, right? That long grey beard, that velvety red suit, and those shiny black boots? Iconic. And let's not forget his signature catchphrase, “Ho, Ho, Ho… Merry Christmas!!” These distinct qualities have made Santa an unmistakable symbol of the holiday season.

Entrepreneurs, why not take a cue from the jolly man in red? How can your business break free from the crowd? What unique image can you draw that screams just ‘you’?

Finding that spark of uniqueness is the golden ticket to standing out. Santa’s versatility in catering to a vast client base is a lesson. Think beyond the ordinary and discover a niche that resonates with a broad audience. Being one of a kind isn’t fancy; it's a competitive necessity in a sea of similarities.

So, as you just read, the Santa Claus has a sack full of entrepreneurial wisdom. Why not incorporate them in your business and see the magic? With that, here’s wishing all our readers the Merriest Christmas ever!