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Skinska Pharmaceutica

From local to global: Skinska's holistic approach focuses on beauty beyond boundaries

Skinska Pharmaceutica focuses on excellence and a holistic vision. It has seen rapid growth in the Indian beauty market and has extended its reach to other countries.

From local to global: Skinska's holistic approach focuses on beauty beyond boundaries

Friday January 12, 2024,

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Several beauty brands in India have been trying to convince local customers that their products can compete with those from international companies or high-end labels. However, this is slowly changing as younger shoppers look for brands with missions and values that they identify with, and are more likely to try out products that are unique. It is no surprise that the country has become a beauty hub, thanks to new brands that promote holistic approaches.

The increased availability of the Internet, higher incomes, and India's young population have contributed to the rapid growth of India's beauty market. According to Euromonitor International, the market size, which went from $12.3 billion in 2018 to $15.6 billion in 2022, is likely to grow to $17.4 billion by 2025.

One new generation brand is leading the way: Skinska Pharmaceutica Limited. Ram Chintalapudi founded the company in 2018, bringing a unique perspective and a deep understanding of Indian and British cultures. With a proven track record of successful ventures and a strong passion for innovation, this British citizen who was born in India is dedicated to fostering growth and facilitating collaborations between the UAE and UK operations, offering potential investors an attractive investment opportunity.

Chintalapudi's extensive travel and diverse background in psychology and human resources management have greatly influenced Skinska's vision. He has explored over 50 countries, including South Korea, China, France, and many others, to seek out innovative Skincare products and new packaging ideas.


Skinska's genesis: small beginnings, big impact

Skinska Pharmaceutica, a brand dedicated to promoting skincare as an essential aspect of holistic well-being, originated in 2018 with a small yet carefully curated collection of 20 high-quality products. One of its notable offerings is the soap range from The Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), which prides itself on being eco-friendly and crafted entirely from 100% natural ingredients. Today, it offers a catalogue of over 50 products, covering diverse skincare needs. 

Skinska's line of skincare and haircare products has garnered widespread acclaim and support from dermatologists and cosmetologists throughout India. Not only do these experts endorse the brand, but they also regularly recommend Skinska's top 20 registered brands to their patients, showcasing the trust and confidence they have in the efficacy of these creams, lotions, shampoos, serums, tablets, and soaps which include DEWSKA Moisturising Cream, Lotion, SKINSKA NATURAL Soaps, KETOSKA Soap, TRESRICH Shampoo, TRESRICH Hair Serum, FACCIA Face Wash, DEWSKA Baby Bath Soap, DEWSOL Urea Cream, GLÖDEYE Under Eye Cream, DEWSKA Moisturising Soap, TRESRICH Capsules, KETOSKA-Z Shampoo, CEROC C3 Face Serum, DEWSKA Bact Anti-Bacterial Soap, KOJISKA Cream, VITFIZ Effervescent Tablets, S-SHIELD Sunscreen Lotion, CALMYK Lotion, LEVOSKA Tablets, TERBISKA Tablets, and ULTRAOMEG Capsules.

Global expansion: Strategic moves

Skinska's success story is a testament to the brand's commitment to quality and authenticity, as evidenced by its tremendous growth since its launch.

With strategic expansions into the UK and the UAE, Skinska is making calculated moves in the global skincare market - the UK to capitalise on the highly competitive market, and the UAE in response to the region's increasing interest in skincare.

Amidst a changing market, Skinska stands out as a beacon, reminding us that skincare is an investment in products that speak to a deeper understanding of beauty and wellness.

Skinska's impact on the skincare narrative 

A key strategy for Skinska in India is to leverage the local digital infrastructure. The company is not solely focused on market share, but on creating a narrative that celebrates purposeful skincare. The brand focuses on transparency, self-love, inclusivity, convenience, and sustainability while creating products that cater specifically to individual needs. As skincare continues to evolve, these fundamentals will remain Skinska’s foundation and shape its future.

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